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What is a hens night?

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A hen party is a joyful celebration held before a wedding, and attended by the bride and her female friends. Henparties are basically the female equivalent of the male bachelor party or stag party.

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Where do hens stay with their chicks at night?

Hens and their chicks stay in their nests.

What is the habitat of hens?

A hens habitat is in a chicken coop. She will build a nest for her eggs, and roost at night.

When do hens usually lay eggs?

at night

Do hens lay eggs in the night?

Usually, yes.

What to have at a hens night?

you have a limo presents and champayne. Dress up crazy for night club

How do you take care of hens?

hens need layers pellets so they lay Consistently hens need fresh water hens need a well insulated house that is nice and cosy they need protection from predators [lock them in EVERY night play with your hens to get them used to you

Why do chickens need daylight for eggs?

They don't. Some hens will lay at night, some in the daytime.

Do hens sleep at night?

Chickens do better when they roost at night up off the ground. And they're happier, also. It is the natural way for a bird to sleep.

What are the collective noun for hens?

The standard collective nouns for 'hens' are:a brood of hensa clutch of hens

Does rooster live in hen house?

Yes, the rooster should roost with the hens at night. He is the protector of the flock.

Should you separate hens and rooster at night?

no because once you put them in the dark they have the behavior to sleep or to be quiet

Why do hens peck their babies?

Hens peck their babies to discipline them. The hens have a pecking order in the coop, where one hen might feel superior to the other hens. Hens are territorial birds.

What is a possessive noun for the word hens?

The possessive form of the plural noun hens is hens'.

What is the plural possessive noun for the word hens?

The possessive form for the plural noun hens is hens'.Example: The hens' coop needs repair.

Why do people have hens and bucks' nights?

well they have it before there weding, < like the night before> , because its there last night there ever gonna be free and not have to worry about likeing people !!

What is the food of hens?

hens make eggs

Plural possessive for hens?

The possessive form of the plural noun hens is hens'.Example: The hens' health is a key factor in egg production.

What are battery eggs?

Eggs from battery hens, i.e. hens that are kept in cages (known as batteries) where several hens live together in one cage. These hens cannot roam freely as free-range hens can.

Which animals lay blue eggs?

Robins, Araucana hens, Easter Egger Hens and Americana Hens.

Why do farmers breed hens?

more hens = more eggs + more chickens (possibly more hens) = £££££

What is the Sound of hens?

Hens cluck, cackle and squawk.

Could real hens talk?

No hens can talk.

What is the plural of hens?

"Hens" is plural. The singular of it is "hen."

Do hens eat beetles?

no but some big hens

What do the hens eat?

Hens like to eat grains.