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Hibernating myocardium is a state when some segments of the myocardium exhibit abnormalities of contractile function. These abnormalities can be visualized with echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine or ventriculography.

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What is the difference between stunned myocardium and hibernating myocardium?


Do rabbits when hibernating?


What are some muscles of the heart?

Anterior myocardium, posterior myocardium, inferior myocardium, to name the main three.

What do squirrels do once done hibernating hibernating?


What do you call hibernating animals?

I would call a hibernating animal a hibernating animal, a sleeping animal, a trufflenose or a hibrinamil.

What happens to the heart muscle after a heart attack?

myocardium myocardium

What is another word for myocardium?

Another word for myocardium is the heart muscle. The myocardium is the middle and thickest layer of the heart wall.

How do you use the word myocardium in a sentence?

Myocardium is muscular tissue that is found in the heart. Myocardium is an essential element in the workings of the heart.

How do you spell hibernating?

That is the correct spelling of "hibernating" (seasonal inactivity).

Do snakes eat when hibernating?

No, but they eat alot before hibernating

What is the role of Ca in the myocardium?

The myocardium is the muscles that surround and power the heart.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of the myocardium?

Myocarditis is inflammation of the myocardium.

What are the blood vessels that nourish the myocardium?

The Coronary Arteries nourish the myocardium.

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How is the myocardium supplied with blood?

The myocardium of the heart is supplied with blood by the coronary arteries.

The myocardium receives its blood supply from the?

The myocardium receives blood from the coronary arteries.

What causes weakening of the myocardium?

the muscles of the myocardium will weakened if there is valve prolapse and overload.

What is the coronary artery that nourish the myocardium?

The myocardium or heart muscle is nourished with oxygen-rich blood. The vessel that delivers the blood to the myocardium is called Coronary Arteries.

What blood vessels supply the myocardium?

The Coronary Artery takes oxygenated blood to the Myocardium

What does the myocardium do?

The myocardium is the thickest layer of the heart made of contractile muscles that pumps blood.

Is the right myocardium thicker than the left myocardium?

No, left is thicker than right.

Does the left ventricle have the thickest myocardium?

The Left ventricle is delicious, so the myocardium is sweeten it.

Trace the pathway of a drop of blood from the myocardium of the heart to the arm?

The myocardium does not have blood flow to the arm. The myocardium is the muscle of the heart and therefore only supplies blood to the heart.

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