What is a high heel trample?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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ask a hot chick nicely with stilettos on and she said you have to pay me after and you said ok but don't do it she will trample you very hard and there would be a lot of pain !!

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Q: What is a high heel trample?
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How high should teenage girls high heel shoes be?

I think it depends on how old you are. If you go to a site like Jimmy Choo, or stylists, u get a low,heel , a mid heel and a "high heel". That's a low heel. It has to be over 4 in to be considered a "high" high heel. Or, atleast that's what they say.

Does Selena gomez have high heel boots?

Hy SELENA Gomez some times were high heel boots but i don't no if im right or not about Selena Gomez do were high heel boots

How is the highest high heel?

The highest high heel has been approximately 41/3 feet 12 inches

Can High heel shoes heel be replaced with a lower heel?

i dont think so, there are so many people love high heels .. i also think it is impossible..

Is a high heel a wedge?

No, the wedge instead is a type of high heel. The high heel, then may be a wedge too. It is also much more comfortable than stilettos, and flatters girl with thick ankles.

What is stilletto shoes?

high heel more than 8cm and heel is sleek

How tall could kitten heels be?

Kitten heels are usually between three and a half and four and three quarter centimeters high. If the heel is taller than that then it is considered a high heel or a stiletto heel depending on how thick the heel is.

How can you use heel in a sentence?

He told the dog, "Heel!" or She tripped on her high-heeled shoe.

What is a high heel?

high heels are bacisly every color

What are names of high heel shoes?

Uhhh high heels? -____-

What is the difference between wedges shoes and high heels?

The difference between wedge shoes and high heels is in the sole and heel of the shoes. A wedge shoe has a high heel but is made so that the whole sole of the shoe touches the ground, from the heel to the toe. A high heel shoe has a tall post at the back and only the post and the toe of the shoe touch the floor.

Is a high heel a inclined plane?