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This category deals with the issues of fashion. Such items as wearing apparel, formal wear, jewelry, types of clothing, and fashion accessories belong here.

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Do tungsten carbide rings smell?

Tungsten carbide rings are made from tungsten carbide powder. It has a dark hue due to the grey powder from the tungsten and blackness of carbon. Both tungsten and carbon are odourless and hypoallergenic. There's no need to worry as all tungsten jewelry should pass the EU standard before being sold on market. ...
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Answers with Amanda de Cadenet?

Regardless of gender, what about you will make Undone with @AmandadeCadenet unique? That's a really good question; it's easy to peg something on gender being the thing that differentiates one thing from another. You know, I hate to say it but ultimately what is different and unique about this show is that it does have a perspective that is coming from a woman. And I cannot ignore that, because that is the facts. If there were...
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Silk and nylon blend?

That's one of my crossword questions and I think the answer is organza. Hope I'm right! ...
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Does filenes basement sell knock off?

No, Filene's basement sells heavily discounted (I believe it is 20-80% off) goods, which include clothing, formal wear, outerwear, undergarments, socks, shoes, jewelry, handbags, accessories, chocolates, perfumes, and haircare. They get their stock either directly from the designer or from another store (Macy's, Bloomingdales, etc.), usually because of an excess of the goods or an overstock. They carry a wide range of designers (For juniors I often see American Eagle, Free People, and Lucky Brand Jeans. For adults, there are designers from Dolce...
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What are the jeans that go above your waste called?

Those are called high-waist jeans or high-rise jeans. Some jeans now have a tummy control panel as well, which is a little different from high-waist. High waist is a type of jean, while the tummy control panel is meant to slim the midsection. There are a variety of high-waist jeans. ...
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Why is texture important in fashion?

Texture is important because it creates life in the outfit. If you put the wrong fabric on the outfit, it could ruin it. It also adds depth to a garment so the article of clothing will have more life and bounce when it is on the body, rather than appearing flat. ...
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What stores in Dallas area carry silver jeans?

Try Epic Apparel and Austin Marc. You can get some there. Wish you luck.
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Who killed GIanni Versace?

Andrew Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace on July 15, 1997. He was 50 years old. Andrew Cunanan was a serial killer, who a few days after killing Versace, shot himself with the same gun he used to kill his victims. ...
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Do Neff hats look good on girls?

It depends on the girl and the Neff hat. If the Neff hat goes with the girl's skin tone, hair, and face, it will look good on her. If it doesn't, she should not wear it. ...
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Why wont fashion fantasy game load?

You might have a slow connection.
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Why are people bringing back olden day fashion?

It is known as a retro trend and has happened throughout the history of high-fashion. The why is difficult to determine and is rarely agreed on by experts in the field. Fashion trends go through a cycle. The trend starts as something new that trend setters wear then eventually becomes over worn and the population becomes tired of it. Years later that trend will be tweaked a little to fit in with the fashion standards of the time. This is retro fashion....
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What stores carry cute teen clothes?

I think the best places for carrying cute teen clothes is Abercrombie and Fitch $$$ Hollister$$$ Forever 21$ American Eagle$$ Gap$$ Lululemon$$$$ Aritzia $$$$ Aeropostale$ Marshalls$ Some stores are pricier than others, but it's all up to you and what you want to spend. Hot Topic and Wet Seal are also good options.. More high-end stores that I prefer to shop at are: Polo Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, etc. I agree mostly with the person above, except I hate Abercrombie and Fitch,...
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What color tie would go well with a navy blue solid polo shirt?

White, maybe some patterns in another color, but not too funky. light Blue Tie. ...
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What does society think of punk fashion?

well, its not mainstream , but it is becoming "main-stream" in some ways, caz punk does evolves also ...
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When is paper fashions yesterday released?

August 1, 2011 according to
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Where do they sell wholesale color skinny jeans?

Wholesale Fashions - Colored Skinny Jeans at Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing... Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing Please visit Jobber1 Wholesale Clothing. You will find over 100 Styles of wholesale skinny jeans. We offer them in smaller 6 pack jean options. I don't know if the other answers here serve to answer your question as they refer you to retail clothing stores. We have just celebrated 35 years in the wholesale fashion industry and would enjoy working for you. We have new colored skinny jean styles arriving...
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What interests you about being an fashion designer?

There are many reasons as to why I aspire to be a fashion designer. First and foremost I love creating, I believe I'm an artist whose concentration is creating clothes for women, so they can be well suited and be comfortable in their own skin. Anything that makes has me working and challenging to be innovative intrigues me and inspires me to do the best I can in my creation. Also, it's the glory one has completing a garment which you can see...
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What makes fashion designers work stand out?

I think it's about not being afraid to take chances and set whatever trends you want. When a designer is not occupied with trying to keep up with current trends and celebrity looks a la Lady Gaga, as popular as they may be, the designer will usually produce the kind of work they really believe in, and that stands out. That's noticeable. Of course, doing something completely outrageous and terrible can also make their work stand out. My personal favorite is BCBG...
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What are some negative characteristics about rayon?

The fabric can be easily snagged and is usually thin, which can require a garment to be lined. It is not usually suitable to be worn alone, and is a fabric often used for lower grade items. ...
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What stores sell ear cuffs?

Sears, Claires, thats all that i know of
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What are mushroom pleats?

Mushroom pleats are not a vegetable, but a style of pleating in clothing. It is supposed to be delicate and close, like the underside of a mushroom cap. ...
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What top could you wear with a short red body con skirt?

you can wear a lot, but there are many looks so pick one that fits your style. Black white cream/ beige blue gold gray silver ...
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What does lime green represent?

Black... if your never shure what will go with a color pick black if u want to fit in but if you want to stand out pick white. ...
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Is flannel always plaid?

No, not necessarily. It all depends on the print on the flannel. Plaid print just happened to be most popular for women's apparel. You can find a lot of plain colors in men's apparel. ...