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What clothes were in fashion in 2000?

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fashion in 2003: from top to bottom:]

Where can you buy jelly braclets?

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well, although sometimes they sell quick you can usually get packs of 6 on for about 4.00 bucks! but i do recommend you use the term "gummy bracelets, as rubber bracelets usually don't turn up the right results! good luck ;)

Just about any site that sells rubber bracelets will have any color available. Some makers will even use your custom color or color combination. Custom bracelets can be had at:


Need some catchy names for a high fashion shop?

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It depends what your target age group is, but here are some ideas:

Modèle (style in French)




Coquet (stylish in French)





Good luck!

Where can you buy different colored skinny jeans?

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It depends on what quality of skinning jeans you want and how much you want to pay. You can find cheap skinny jeans at stores like Forever 21, but they also sell them at Macys, or even Target.

How expensive is Neiman Marcus?

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Neiman Marcus is a luxurious department stores

with high end prices.... but with great designers

such as Vera Wang, Alice and Olivia, Burberry,

and Michael Kors. A blouse could easily reach $200.

hope this helps (:

xoxo Bethluvstyle

Where is the best place to buy a fashion bangle watch?

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Hi, You want to buy silver bangle jewelry. Nowadays so many online sites available You can search on the internet. Recently I bought one biker bracelet for my son from, which provides finest and latest collection of top quality boutique sterling silver jewelry. I hope after visiting that site you can get a good result.

What are b grade shoes?

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Well, for me and friends of mine, "b- shoes" are kind of like b list celebrities, I mean they get the job done but they aren't the best. For example we call shoes from Pay-less b list shoes or maybe if you only have 20$ and under to spend on a pair they are also considered b list. I'm not sure if this is what you were getting at

Where would one purchase diamond fashion rings?

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BlueNile offers the greatest deals on diamond rings on the internet. They even have a promotion to give away $5,000 worth of diamond jewelry. Blue Nile is the place for diamonds.

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What retailers offer good quality cashmere scarves for men?

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Retailers that offer good quality cashmere scarves are often hard to find. However, some stores such as Macy's and Gucci do offer such goods but usually online.

What is a website to buy shalwar kameez?

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India Emporium is a online shopping store where you can buy salwar kameez suits. They have lots of variety. You can order online & their service is satisfactory. You can also buy them from the following websites:





What is EE width in shoes in inches?

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in womens shoes - what is ee and eee width in inches

What is the most popular piece of clothing?

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There are many popular clothes in the United States. Some of these include jeans, t-shirts, and?æsweaters, as well as button up shirts.

What are the word processing packages?

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* Microsoft word * ABI world * Open office * Zoho writer * Ajax world * Dark room * Text edit * Writer app * Jdark room * Word perfect * Iwork

What is the most liked store for teenage girls?

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most teens <3 to shop @ :


Abercrombie and Fitch

Hollister and co

forever 21


love culture

hot topic


wet seal

Ralph Lauren

Victoria secret pink

PAC sun


American Eagle

Juicy Couture

Charlotte Russe

urban outfitters



L.L Bean


that's all i can think of 4 right now

Where can 14 year old girls buy awesome clothes?

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14 year old girls usually shop at:

Hollister Co.

Forever 21

Love Culture




Abercrombie and Finch






Hope I helped


What are really popular brands for college girls?

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Abercrombie and Fitch. Zeppos. American Eagle. Fox. Hurley. Hollister. School pride outfits. Pink. Oakley. Coach. DC.

What time does Claires accessories store open?

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6am till 9pm :)

What size is 9.5 men's shoes in women's shoes?

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A men's 9.5 sized shoe converts to a women's 11.5 sized shoe. Shoe sizes between men and women usually differ by 2 sizes. To do shoe size conversions find the shoe size of the shoe, then add or subtract 2 sizes depending on if its a women's or men's shoe.

What does mfsrp mean on a price tag or before a price?

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It stands for Manufacturer's suggested retail price.

How good are DC Shoes?

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They are good, but not great. They don't last too long, and it can empty your wallet. Great would be Lakai, Emerica, Adio, Vans, Supra, etc. Just as good are Nike SB, Nike 6.0, Adidas Skate, etc. but they cost more.

What is the most famous fashion shop?

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i think one of the most famous fashion shop in the world is Marks and Spencer, but i think you should try this one online shop that I happened to to came across. they're selling trendy and quality products too. for me myself,


What shoes does Alice in Wonderland wear and can you get some like it now?

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Simple, old-fashioned, side-buttoned flats.

In the book they are described as black and shiny.