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From my understanding, a histogram is a form of graphical interpretation of data. This simply means a picture to reflect data. For example, if you have data like, 20 students in your class smokes while another 30 doesn't smoke, you can represent this into a histogram. ( a simple picture to depict the data ). In Statistics or Quantitative Methods, there are other forms of graphical interpretation of data like Pie Chart, Bar Chart or even Scatter Plots. Hope this helps. ( * Try this . A graphic way to summarize data. Size is shown on the horizontal axis (in cells) andI spend countless hours looking for answers as you did here. I found a source with accurate information and gives you what you are really looking for, plus a way to drive your projects with a mentor.

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Q: What is a histogram and how is it used?
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What is a histogram used for?

A histogram is when the bars are touching and it graphs what you have on your frequency table.

How is histogram equalization different from histogram specification?

comparison between histogram equalization and histogram matching?

What type of graph is used to show frequency?

A histogram.

What is used to display data from frequency distribution?


What is a shape of a histogram?

What is a shape of a histogram?

What type of scores represents a histogram?

There are no scores which represent a histogram: a histogram is, itself, a representation.

What part of speech is histogram?

Histogram is a noun.

What graph is used when data is condensed into a frequency table?


What type of graph is used for interval or ratio data?


Can a circle graph be used to display data from a histogram?

yes it can

Merit and demerits of histogram?

histogram has several merits. one is it is good graphical representation of scores for better understanding. it is basically used for comparing scores.

How do you find height of histogram?

I don't know what is histogram

What is a chart used to organize data and to tally the frequency of the data?


What are the characteristics of a histogram?

*Used to compare range *Bar graph with ranges

Advantages and disadvantages of histogram?

disadvantages of histogram compared to barchart

When would you use a histogram?

A histogram is used to analyze a distribution of data. It look like a graph and can be used in many formats - the most popular may be in Photography, showing the distribution of shadows and light in a visual representation.

What is the area under the curve for the histogram below?

There is no histogram below.However, the area under the curve for any histogram is the total frequency.

Why do they call a histogram a histogram?

A succession like history, completed in intervals....

Is a histogram a special kind of stem and leaf plot?

no a histogram is a chart

What is the difference between between graphs and histogram?

A histogram is a type of graph

What kind of graph is used for frequency data?

histogram and broken line plot

Can a histogram be used to display and analyze nominal data?

No, it is not suitable for nominal data.

What does each interval represent on the x axis of histogram?

The answer depends on the scale used.

What represents frequency on a histogram?

y axis represents frequency ona histogram

What do you use a histogram for?

You use the histogram for like an experiment,like a penny lab