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A home remedy is a treatment that is made from items that you would typically find at home; things such as parts of plants, vegetables, household chemicals, herbs and spices.

These "home remedies" normally have some point of origin in the past, and are past down either orally or in writing from generation to generation. In earlier history when access to medicines and proper medical care was limited people would have to make do with the items that they had at hand.

Some of the home remedy have a sound medical/ scientific basis for working, others were probably only successful only through happenstance. Some followed treatments advocated through herbalism, or tribal medicine.

Some more familiar home remedies include:

Using a clove in the mouth to deaden the pain of a toothache.
Using a poultice of bread and milk to draw out a boil.

Some early publications would publish lists of these remedies for people at home to try and follow.

Early examples of this are Culpeper's Complete Herbal circa 1650, which is actually still in print today , the Gardeners Almanac and the Farmers Almanac.

A note of caution:

Whilst some home remedies do work, some have no scientific basis at all and others border on lethal.

Never, use a home remedy unless you have researched it in full, what works for one person may not work for another and may have serious medical consequences.

Many old home remedies used items which were considered pretty innocuous in the past, but which have subsequently been found to be extremely toxic, such as Lead.
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What is a home remedy for flies?

Insecticidal soap may be considered a home remedy for flies [ Diptera suborder]. It may be homemade or store bought. The homemade version uses the liquid soap with which one does the dishes, in the sink not the dishwasher. Either way, this insecticide is considered a safe, organic, natural, easy f ( Full Answer )

Home remedies for pimples?

This has worked for me and my friends (young and older) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What is the best way to clear your face of acne&action=edit

What is a home remedy for a ringworm?

Tea tree oil and vitam e oil, used at same time twice a day till ring starts going away. Dies not smell good but works fast. Can buy both at walmart

What is the home remedies for bronchial infection?

As most bronchial infections are viral in origin, running to the doctor for antibiotics is not recommended right away. First try 3-4 cups of fresh grated ginger tea a day. Ginger has an antibiotic and antiviral effect and great at removing mucous. Drink plenty of fluids and steam as much as possibl ( Full Answer )

What are home remedies for deworming a dog?

Parsley and water is one home remedy for deworming a dog. You canalso find deworming products at your local pet store. I would just recommend buying a wormer. You can find them on many online sites for pretty cheap, and that way you would know you are not putting your dog in danger by subjecting him ( Full Answer )

Home remedies for growing hair?

The best home remedy for growing hair is to eat a healthy diet, andavoid foods that are bad for you. Eat foods high in vitamins A, B,C, E, and zinc to help with hair growth.

Home remedy to clean leather?

A home remedy for cleaning smooth leather is to use a little bit ofmild detergent like Ivory and some water. Mix some of the detergentwith cool water, apply to the leather with a soft cloth in acircular motion.

What is a home remedy for infant gas?

Hi, I always used gripe water, worked a treat on my little angels. Available from all good pharmacies, just give a teaspoon full once or twice a day. Should clear it right up!

Home remedy that help you get pregnant?

Eat prenatal vitamins and have sex daily during ovulation and 5 days before that since sperm can live inside you for a week. If nothing has happened after 12-18 months both of you need to see a doctor.

What are Home remedies for pubic lice?

After years of lotions - with little success. I discovered VEET to remove lice. As a young man I acquired pubic - body - head - eye lash: hair lice. You can be assured that where ever you have hair , Lice will use your hair has its road way. Surprisingly their major haven is in your belly butto ( Full Answer )

Do home remedies really work?

Well, that appears to be a matter of opinion. Personally, I like to listen to the side that has nothing to gain from lying to me. In this case; that would be the holistic community. The truth seems to be that some do, and some don't. Don't be too afraid to try one, and see if it works for you. (Don' ( Full Answer )

What is a home remedy for a pilonidal cyst?

One home remedy for a pilonidal cyst is to take hot baths. You canalso use hot compresses between baths. This will soften the cystand cause it to pop.

Home remedy for killing mosquitos?

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/47518/home_remedies_to_get_rid_of_mosquitoes.html. this article suggests fabric softener sheets, vanilla extract, fans when sitting outdoors and spraying a beer mixture around the yard. maybe these are good ways to keep your kids and animals safe while not u ( Full Answer )

What are Home acne remedies?

I have learned that if you put salt in hot water, let it dissolveand put a paper towel, moist with the salty water on the acne, itshould go away in about a week. Hold it there and there is no needto wash it off, but you can. Through my search for this answer I have found that apple cidervinegar drie ( Full Answer )

Home remedy for seizures on dogs?

I had a dog with canine epilepsy and we were able to treat it without using any anti-epilepsy drugs. Our treatment had to do with a major change in nutrition and worked so well that he didn't have a seizure over the final 5 years of his life. We switched him to a raw, meaty-bones diet and his health ( Full Answer )

Is there a home remedy to deworm chickens?

Yes. A product called diatomaceous earth can be purchased and added to feed as an all natural de worming agent. It is not harmful to chickens and kills internal parasites. There are also water soluble tonics available at all grain feed stores where you buy your chicken feed.

Home remedy for nail growth?

Lemons . Rub a lemon slice on your nails for about 5 minutes and tinse off with water.

What are some home remedies for acne?

Acne is caused by dirt and oil clogging the pores. To prevent acne, it is important to wash the affected area as often as possible, and try to exfoliate. Scrub with a washcloth or a bristled brush to get rid of dead skin cells that often clog pores and create pimples. To treat a pimple after it has ( Full Answer )

Are there any home remedies for impetigo?

I assume you are actually referring to: impetigo. If so, this is a bacterial skin infection caused by either the Staph or Strept germ. If you only have a few localized lesions, you may try an OTC (over-the-counter) antibiotic cream and wash the lesions several times a day with an anti-bacterial soap ( Full Answer )

Home remedys for rosacea?

There are many different remedies for Rosacea. Not every methodworks for every person. It is all a matter of trial and error. Someof the most popular methods include application of tea tree oil andcold compresses.

Is there a home remedy for fleas in backyard?

well in the wild most animals run through or roll in wild garlic and the flowers and folliage get crushed and unbelievable as it sound the fleas drop off. i guess the smell drives them away. warning! your dog etc. will stink of garlic for a while!

Home remedies for vitiligo?

Yes there are many treatments for vitiligo such as natural herbs vitiligo cure is best home remedy for vitiligo. Please check the Related links section below.

What is a home remedy for sinus infection?

One needs to know Materia Medica and Repertory in order to match a remedy to the symptoms exhibited by the sufferer. That is what homeopathy is. Nevertheless there is a short list of remedies that have affinities to symptoms normally displayed by sufferer of a disease, and this is what is currently ( Full Answer )

Cat is sick what home remedy?

You cannot diagnose your own cat. You need to take the cat into your Veterinarian to see what is wrong.

What is a home remedy for alopecia?

I was suffering from alopecia areata. There is a clear evidencethat hair is growing after three month of using arganlife products.This is perfect treatment as a natural! You should search onFacebook as an arganlife products

Are there any home remedies for ringworm?

Ringworm is a highly contagious infection. It confuses many people as it has nothing to do with worms, it is an infection you get in your skin caused by red blood cells (i think) in the shape of a ring. 1) Bleach is very good at killing the fungus that is causing the problem. Simply dab the affec ( Full Answer )

What is a home remedy for the shivers?

Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to lukewarm bath water and soak for 5-10minutes. • Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of tulsi leaves,steep for 5 minutes, and drink 3-4 times a day. Your fever shouldbe gone by the next day. • Boil artichokes and cook until soft. Eat the bottom part of thel ( Full Answer )

How do you get rid of raccoons with home remedies?

There are really no "home remedies" for ridding your property of raccoons. From both experience and research the ridding of raccoons comes down to four schools of thought, prevention, repellent, trapping, and poisoning. I am prepared to discuss the first three as I find poisoning inhumane. As the ( Full Answer )

Is there a home remedy for tooth aches?

The best home remedy for a tooth ache is to gargle salt water for a few minutes ... Mind you that this will only work for a short time ...

Is there a home remedy for gynecomastia?

Assuming that what works for women needing to dry up their milk after weaning their babies, will work for men with enlarged mammary glands... Herbs for drying up mother's milk are: peppermint, lemon balm, walnut bark, walnut leaves, sage and shepherd's purse. There may be others, maybe someone el ( Full Answer )

What are the home remedies for the cure of acne?

If you crush up a Tylenol pill and mix it with water and then apply it to your pimples, it will dry them out because the medicine has high amounts of Salycilic acid, used in acne treatments and gels.

Are there any home remedies for Hepatitis?

First you have to go to the doctor or to a clinic to find out which kind of hepatitis it is, or if it is hepatitis at all. There are lots of other conditions which have symptoms similar to hepatitis. If it's VIRAL, there's not really much medication that can be taken. Having it go away would entail ( Full Answer )

How is conjunctivitis treated with home remedies?

A boric acid eyewash can be used to clean and soothe the eyes. A warm compress applied to the eyes for five to 10 minutes three times a day can help relieve the discomfort of bacterial and viral conjunctivitis.

What is a home remedy for bigger breasts?

In most breast enlargement pills, there are hops contained in them. There is also hops contained in beer. So now you have an excuse to drink!

How to get rid of cockroach home remedy?

Boric Acid is what was used for many years and is fairly non toxic to humans and animals. There is really nothing common around the house that is going to affect cockroaches. ANSWER Here in the South, Boric Acid is easy to find in every grocery store with the laundry soap- it's called 20-Mule ( Full Answer )

What are some home remedies for heartburn?

Some home remedies for heartburn are lime juice, honey, chamomile tea, apple cider vinegar, a glass of milk or mint. There is also the idea that chewing a piece of gum can help as well.

What is the home remedy for sweaty palms?

"To stop your sweaty palms, you can try Drysol (a prescription deodorant), drink more water to lower your body temperature, drink green tea at night, avoid spicy foods, and other things."

What are several home remedies for acne?

There are many home remedies for acne. Coconut oil and mixing honey, olive oil, sugar, lemon juice, and baking soda are good remedies for curing acne.

What are some home remedies for diarrhoea?

Home remedies for diarrhea include drinking plenty of water. Bouts of diarrhea, especially if they last a long time, can deplete the body of fluids and cause dehydration. Another remedy is to eat yogurt or take acidophilus. Both contain beneficial bacteria that will combat whatever is causing a dist ( Full Answer )

How do you use home remedy in a sentence?

Her grandmother seemed to have a home remedy for everything. The man did not like taking medication and much preferred to try ahome remedy when he was ill.

What home remedy is good for sinus?

Sinus irrigation with a "neti pot" can be helpful, to clear awayinfected material or embedded pollen or allergens. You'll want touse clean water for this, not plain tap water. Add a couple ofteaspoons of salt, warm to about 90 degrees F (warm but not hot tothe touch). There are gadgets that look li ( Full Answer )

Home remedy for sweating on feet?

The home remedy for sweating feet is washing your feet and makingsure they are dry before wearing socks and shoes. You should alwaysair your feet more regularly by wearing open shoes.