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What is a howitzer?

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It is a large artillery piece used by military ground forces. The caliber can range from 75mm to over 500mm with 120mm to 250mm standard in today's military units. It uses a high elevation to provide indirect fire onto enemy targets.

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What is the range of a Howitzer?

howitzer is a class of gun with many different variants you need to be more specific. but the max range of a M777 howitzer is 30.1 km (rap assisted).

What does a Howitzer look like?

A large cannon fired at a high angle. See the related link to the M198 155mm towed howitzer and the M109A self propelled howitzer.

When was the howitzer first used?

the modern howitzer was first made around the end of the 17th century

What is the synonym of cannon?

mortar, howitzer

Is howitzer capitalized?

No. It's not necessary.

Where did the term pack howitzer originate?

A pack howitzer, or more properly, a howitzer, pack is a piece of towed artillery which can, if necessary, be broken down into pieces small enough to be man/team carried if terrain becomes too rough for towing vehicles.

Who invented the Krupp 420mm howitzer?


Where there howitzer in the Civil War?

howitzer artillery peices were not used in the civil war they actually started production in 1963 so no they werent in the civil war

Was a Howitzer considered heavy artillery?

Depends on how big it is.

What is a cannon with short or medium barrels with a low muzzle and steep angle or fire called?

A mortar. Actually, it's a Howitzer. Mortars are not a form of cannon.

When was the howitzer made?

howitzers were made in the early 17th century

What is another word for cannon?

Heavy artillery. Howitzer, mortar

How far can a 155mm Howitzer cannon shoot?

The distance a 155 mm Howitzer cannon can shoot is dependent on the angle of attack. The steeper the angle of attack, the shorter the distance it will travel horizontally.

In terms of caliber what was the largest Field Piece ever actually used in action in a war Was the RA British l8 Inch Howitzer ever used for action?

AnswerThe British 8-Inch Howitzer fired a round that was 8-in Caliber (or 203mm) and weighed 200-lb.The US Army used an 8-inch Gun and a 240mm Howitzer, which were similar and were actually considered Field Artillery. They had to be assembled to fire. The 240mm Howitzer fired a shell that weighed 360 lbs.Typo-- I don't think there was a British 18-inch Howitzer, except maybe on a navy battleship.

What is the word that fits this definition -a kind of shrot cannon?


When was artillery from ww1 first used?

howitzer, big bertha, skoda 30.5

What World War 2 terms start with h?

Holocaust homefront howitzer

What does galvatron transform into?

In the G1 series, Galvatron transforms into a Cybertronian Howitzer Cannon.

What branch of the military uses a howitzer?

The Army and Marine Corps both use them.

When was the 8-inch self propelled howitzer first used?


What is the most used gun in the war?

For the US, since Vietnam, it's the 105mm howitzer.

Short guns of the French Revolution?

The Howitzer which created a more flexible series of trajectories.

What are the release dates for Triggers Weapons That Changed the World - 2011 M777 Howitzer 1-4?

Triggers Weapons That Changed the World - 2011 M777 Howitzer 1-4 was released on: USA: 21 December 2011

What artillery cannon were in the world war 2 us army?

FIELD ARTILLERY 37 mm 57mm 105mm Howitzer 105mm Mountain Howitzer and similar model used by airborne division 155mm Cannon 155mm Howitzer 8-in and 240mm Cannon (slight difference in shell but very similar cannon) OTHER ARTILLERYOther types of artillery was used for coastal defense and anti-aircraft artillery.

Advantages and disadvantages in World War 1 using the howitzer?

It lets people do many things!