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The independent variable in any experiment is the variable that does not change and control the other variables, a dependant variable can be influenced on by the independent variable.

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What does the independent and dependent vairable mean?

The independant is the thing you are changing and the dependant is the measure

What is a Vairable?

what is variable

What is a dependent vairable?

The dependent variable is the factor being measured

What is a uncontrolled vairable?

* factors which are not considered in the experimental design * shouldn't have any effect on the experiment

What does it mean when a vairable is in a fraction?

It means some aspect of the fraction in a variable. No big deal!

Can you add a vairable with a number?

What, in a programming language? Sure. Anything that has a clearly defined value can be added.

In algebra adding the opposite to both sides of an equation is a process better known as what?

I'm pretty sure you mean balancing an equation to solve for a particular vairable

What is an indepentdant vairable?

It a Factor that is Intentionally varied by the experimenter in Retarded terms it means something that's experimented with many different times trying to get a certain result

What is an independent variable dependent vairable?

the Independent variable is the variable that is not effected in any way by the dependent variable, where as the dependent variable is. for example, amount of water that has flown through a tap in a set number of seconds. the number of seconds is not effected in any way by the amount of water, as water flow has no effect on the passing of time. however, if water is coming out of the tap at 1liter per second, then the amount of time that has passed has a significant impact on the amount of water (after one second, 1 liter will be present, after 2 seconds 2liters etc.).

What is a sentence for independent?

He is an independent young lad.The country was now independent.The independent review discovered corruption within the ranks.

Is Oman an independent country?

yes they are independent yes they are independent

Is length independent an independent variable?

is mass an independent variable

Independent and independent variable in sentence?

Changes in the independent variable are independent of changes in any other variable,

Is Wales independent?

Independent from what?

Is Brittany an independent country?

No, it is not independent.

What is independent in tagalog?

Independent is - malaya

Why Cuba is not independent?

Cuba is independent.

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