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Q: What is a internal conflict of swindle by Gordon korman?
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What is a main external conflict of swindle by Gordon korman?

he wants to sell the card and he sold it and then he wants it back

When was swindle published?

Swindle, by Gordon Korman, was published on April 15, 2009.

What is the Setting summary of Swindle by Gordon Korman?

it is good

Where can I find swindle by Gordon korman in pdf?

On the internet!

Where can you listen to the book swindle by Gordon Korman?


When was Swindle by Gordon Korman published?

It was published 2008

How old is griffin bing in swindle by Gordon korman?

He is 11 or 12

What type of dog is on the cover of swindle by Gordon Korman?

Doberman Pincher

What is Gordon korman full name?

Gordon Korman is the birth name of the Canadian-American children's author. He has written books such as Swindle and The Toilet Paper Tigers.

How many chapters are in Swindle by Gordon Korman?

there are 32 chapters

How many books of the swindle series are there?

There are only 252 pages in the book "Swindle".

What is the most recent book Gordon Korman wrote?

Jackpot which is sixth book in the Swindle series. (published 2014)