What is a ionc bond?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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A chemical bond between two ions with opposite charges, characteristic of salts. Also called electrovalent bond.

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Q: What is a ionc bond?
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What happenwhen an atom gains an electron?

what will form an ionc bond

Compare and contrast the bond properties of N2 and AlCl3?

Aluminium chloride has ionc bonds; nitrogen molecule has covalent bond.

What is the difference between metals and ionic bonds?

Ionic bond is the bond between anion and cation whereas metallic bond is the come between the molecules of the metal atom

What was unique about the columns in the Parthenon?

They were ionc not doric

When magnesium and chlorine react what type of bond is formed?

Magnesium is an s-block element and it forms only ionic bonds with other elements.

Is NaCl a complex?

Sodium chloride has a complicate structure of crystals (also as other ionc compounds) but it is not considered a complex compound.

What happens to the ionic radius values of the cations(-) as you move across period 2?

The ionc radius of lithium is bigger compared to beryllium.

Is the compound acl2 ionc or molecular?

There is no element with a symbol of A. This question cannot be answered as written, except to say that if "a" is a metal, the compound will probably be ionic, and if "a" is a nonmetal, it will probably be molecular.

Electrical conductivity when dissolved in water?

The electrical conductivity of different materials is affected differently when dissolved in water. For example, anhydrous Sodium Chloride changes from a non-conductor to a one when dissolved.

Is a peptide bond a covalent bond?

Yes, a peptide bond is a covalent bond.

What is bond in and bond out?

bond avenue

A bond in which atoms share electrons is called a?

The type of bond in which two atoms share electrons is called a covalent bond.