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What is a judical branch?

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It is the branch of a government that runs the court systems, makes rulings on current laws, and often has the power do declare laws unfit.

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What is the law making branch of government?

The Legislative BranchThe judical branch.

Is the judical branch the strongest branch?


Which courts are included in the judical branch?

the Supreme court and the Federal courts are included in the judical branch.

The three court systems in the State Judicial branch?

The three court systems in the State Judical Branch would be the Judical Branch, The Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch.

What is purpose of the judical branch?

It is the branch that carry out the law's

Which branch of government that decides what is lawful?

The Judical Branch

What branch is the courts apart of?


Who is in the judical branch?

supreme court

What was not a part of the Articles of Confederation?

There is no Judical branch or Executive branch

Name levels of govnerment?

executive branch legislative branch judical branch

Which branch of government can grant pardons for federal crimes?

judical branch

What branch of government tries cases under the laws?

The judical branch

Which branch did Madison think would be the weakestFederalist No 51?

judical branch

Which branch of government can declare presidential acts unconstitutional?

Judical branch

The branch of the government that deals with the court system is called the?

judical branch

Who has the power to try the president?

Both the Legislative branch and the Judical Branch.

What are the 3 branches of federal government?

legislative branch, the judical branch, and the executive branch

In a presidential form of government which branch appoints the members of the judical branch?

Executive Branch!

What makes up the judical branch?


What is the head of justice called?

JUDICAL branch!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the leader of the Judical Branch?

The superme court

What does the Judical Branch do?

ensures that laws are followed

What does article iii deal with?

the JUdical branch

Which branch hears court cases?


What courts are in the judical branch?

The high court

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