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A baby goat.

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What animals are in the animal kingdom?

all of them, the animal kingdom isn't actually a kingdom...All animals are in the Animal Kingdom, or Kingdom Animalia.

Do snakes belong to a plant kingdom or a animal kingdom?

Animal Kingdom

What kingdom is animal belong to?

The animal is Kingdom Animalia.

A skunk is in what animal kingdom?

Animalia (animal) Kingdom

What are some characteristics of the animal kingdom?

The animal kingdom has .........

What are some animal not in the animal kingdom?

All animals belong to the animal kingdom.

Is a grasshopper an animal kingdom?

the grasshopper is in the animal kingdom, but it is not a whole kingdom. Grasshoppers are in the kingdom called insects.

Is the animal kingdom eukaryotic?

Yes, the animal kingdom is eukaryotic.

Is parameciam an animal?

No. The parameciam is in the protist kingdom not the animal kingdom.

What is the praying mantis's animal kingdom?

the animal kingdom is animalia

What animal kingdom does a woodlouse belong?

"Animal" is the kingdom in this case.

What kingdom does a cheetah come from?

The cheetah is from the animal kingdom/wild animal/desert animal.

What animal kingdom is plankton in?

Plankton belongs to the Animal Kingdom. There is only one Animal Kingdom. However some species of plankton can belong to Kingdom Protista.

What kingdom is the dog in?

Dogs are part of the animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is also known as Kingdom Animalia. The other kingdoms are Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Protista.

Which is characteristics of members of the plant kingdom that distinguishes them from the animal kingdom?

which is a characteristics of members of the plant kingdom that distinguishes them from the animal kingdom

What are the animal kindoms?

1 is animal kingdom 2 is the plant kingdom

What is a description of the diversity of the animal kingdom?

It means a different animal kingdom

What are most animals in the animal kingdom?

All animals are in the animal kingdom

What is the duration of The Animal Kingdom?

The duration of The Animal Kingdom is 1.42 hours.

What is the animal kingdom broken into?

An animal kingdom is broken into vertebrates and invertebrates

What is the kingdom of a nautilus?

The Kingdom Animalia, the animal kingdom

What kingdom is a crocodile in?

Animal kingdom. Kingdom animalia

Where is a squirrels animal kingdom?

there kingdom is a real kingdom

What animal kingdom does a lizard belong?

The Kingdom they belong to is the animal kingdom. By phylum they are chordates and by class they are reptiles.

What is the kingdom of monkeys?

animal kingdom