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A "klick" is slang for a kilometer, (kilometre) or 1000 meters. It's equivalent to about .6213 miles or approximately 3,280.464 feet.. A "clique" is a group of people with a common status or interest.

* In Vietnam, US soldiers would sometimes confusingly refer to a distance in kilometers ("klicks") as the distance in standard miles. But most of South Vietnam used the kilometer measurements from its days as a French colony.
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1995 buick regal won't start with the key you have a new starter and when you try to start it with the key you here klicking under the hood but that's all and if you try to use a push button switch it?

I don't know if you're saying you changed the key system to a starter system or the system wouldn't start but just clicks. If its the latter, you may want to check for coolant in your cylinders by removing your spark plugs and spinning the flywheel. If any coolant comes out of the cylinders, then yo ( Full Answer )

How far is a klick?

It means one kilometre, which is one thousand metres. It's about 1,100 US yards. The easiest way to translate to the archaic US system of measurement is to say 5 miles equals 8 kilometres; it is roughly correct.

It makes a klick noise when you start with the key?

Typically, a Click-click-click noise when attempting to start a vehicle is the sure sign of either a dead battery or a loose battery connection. Try tightening the battery terminal connections. If this doesn't help, you may need a new battery. A jump start will avoid a towing expense.

What does '3 klicks away' mean?

A 'klick' is a kilometer, the term probably having originated curing the Viet Nam war... So, three klicks away would be three kilometers away, or 3000 meters.

How far was a klick in Vietnam War?

The same distance it is now. If it was an American speaking, a click is one mile. If it was just about anyone else, a click is one kilometre.

How do you change the battery in a klick-klock watch?

If you have had the watch for over 30 days, you can ship the watch to... Klick-Klock 8627 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Suite D2511 Los Angeles, CA 90045 They will send you a new watch. You just have to pay $4.95 for process and handling.

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