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What is a large bump on your nose that appears for no apparent reason?


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2005-11-29 10:28:21
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that large bump that can appear on you nose is a broken bone or cartallage you may think that it just appears over night but in true fact you could have done it in the night EG sleeping on face bumping face on bed some people have even sleapt walk and walked in to a wall unknow to that that it happen hope that explans things


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there are two reasons for this: first, when you bite the inside of your mouth, a small harmless bump appears. then when you have a cavity that you do not take care of, a bump(called a puss pocket,) appears near a tooth.

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If you woke up with a large bump on your head, you need to keep a close watch on it. It could be a pimple or possibly an insect bite.

A large bump on the back of your head/ear could be anything. If you are having dizziness and headaches, you will need to go to a doctor. They can do a biopsy on the bump to get a diagnoses.

That would depend on what the cause of the bump and the smell are. You need to have your doctor look at it immediately, and get his opinion.

No. But it may or may not be a symptom of a disease. You might just have an unusually shaped skull (or even a usually shaped skull which you have misinterpretted as a bump).

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