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it is a nebula

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Q: What is a large cloud of dust and gas in space where stars are formed?
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What is a large cloud of gas and dust from which stars are formed?


What is the large cloud pf dust and gas in interstellar space where stars are born called?


What is an open cluster?

"An open cluster is a group of a few thousand stars that were formed in the same giant molecular cloud, and are still loosely gravitationally bound to each other.In contrast, globular clusters are very tightly bound by gravity.a large cloud of stars

Is the ring nebula a cloud?

The Ring Nebula is classified as a planetary nebula which is a shell of gas and plasma, formed when certain stars die.So, in a way they are clouds of matter in space.

Solar system formed from a cloud of dust?

Yes, the solar system including our Sun and planets is believed to have formed from a large disk of gas and dust called a proto-disk or proto-solar disk, due to gravitational effects. It is currently thought that several stars formed from the same cloud as our Sun.

How many stars are there in the large magellanic cloud?

About 10 billion

Why are black holes only in space?

Because they formed from stars, which are in space.

Where are pulsars located in space?

Pulsars are located every where around the universe keep in mind pulsars are neutron stars so that means they were formed by large stars that have aged and died out

Was the earth formed of a nebular cloud?

a nebular creates stars as it caves in by its own gravity!

Billions of stars in a concentrated or dense group in space is what?

When billion of stars are in a concentrated dense cloud it is called a galaxy.

Where did your sun come from?

It's believed that it's the result of the slow collapse of a large cloud of gas and dust. We believe this because we can see evidence that that's how other stars were formed.

How many stars does the LMC have?

The Large Magellanic cloud or LMC is thought to contain about 10 billion stars.