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What is a lead indicator?

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A lead indicator is a measurable parameter or metric, which will help to predict or give prior information about the occurence of some related critical problems or events.

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What is number of products in development - a lead or a lag indicator?

A lead indicator of revenue, a lag indicator of R&D expenditure.

Lead versus lag indicators?

Such indicators are found within scorecards where lead are short-term which affect lag long-term Example: training is lead indicator and service excellence resulted from good training is a lag indicator Best of luck

When you dissolve lead oxide with water and add universal indicator what colour do you see?


Which phase of a business cycle can lead an economy into recession?

The most telling indicator or "cycle" is usually a decrease in material production.

what is hdd lead?

The only thing I could find on this subject is a HDDLed Indicator. An HDDLed Indicator is a tool used to monitor hard drive activity. Using this tool, you can select which of the logical disks or hard drives you want to look after.

1998 Sunfire warning lights what do they mean?

Dependent on your model and options, you should have;Low Traction IndicatorLow Coolant IndicatorOil Pressure IndicatorUpshift Indicator (Manual Transmission only)Volts IndicatorAir Bag IndicatorCheck Gauges IndicatorABS IndicatorCheck Oil IndicatorFriPilot

Is iron is an indicator?

its an indicator

Why it is called universal indicator?

why universal indicator is called universal indicator?

Why you use starch as an indicator?

Starch is not the indicator. Iodine is the indicator of starch.

Why is universal indicator a better indicator to use than litmus indicator?

Universal indicator gives the pH of the solution.

What has the author Wasant Tanti-Wipawin written?

Wasant Tanti-Wipawin has written: 'Studies of concentration and distribution of lead in teeth by 3He-actiration analysis and [alpha] autoradiography for use as an indicator of personal lead absorption'

Why does the indicator keep flashing?

Which Indicator?

Is turmeric an indicator?

ye it is an indicator

How much damage does the wall cloud do?

The wall cloud itself doesn't do the damage. The wall cloud is an indicator of rotation in a thunderstorm that can lead to the formation of a tornado.

Is methyl orange an indicator?

Yes. It is a pH indicator.

Why is universal indicator the best indicator the best indicator for jasmine to use in an experiment?


What is a biotic indicator?

An indIcator of life in a place

What is Patton-Reeder indicator?

An indicator

Who invented the first vegetable indicator?

When was the forst vegatable indicator made in? When was the forst vegatable indicator made in?

Structure of ebt indicator?

structure of ebt indicator

Is clove oil an indicator?

yeah, it is an olfactory indicator!

What is the indicator of acid?

The indicator of acid is baking soda.

Is beetroot a natural indicator?

yeah it is a natural indicator

Is shoe flower a natural indicator?

it is a natural indicator

What is Brain Lipi?

Logical indicator and Predictive Indicator

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