What is a leading flag?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is a leading flag?
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What do the colors of the spartan flag represent?

they are in rainbow formation therefor leading me to the conclusion that they were all raging homosexuals.

Which country's flag is the oldest in the world?

Denmark's flag, known as the Dannebrog, is the oldest continuously used national flag in the world. Legend has it that it fell from the sky during a battle in the early 13th century, leading to a Danish victory.

Why doesn't Australia need a new flag?

The Australian National Flag has served Australia well for over 100 years as the leading national symbol, custom and tradition and there are no compelling reasons why it should change.

Did a white flag stand for survival?

Well close kind of... It meant surrender an army would wave a white flag when they thought they lost the battle and after the white flag was flown there would be a cease fire and the leading officers at the battle would negotiate the agreements to the surrender

How do you get the pumpkin over the cliff in poptropica great pumpkin?

When you reach the cliff, stop the pumpkin. There is a ramp leading down, with a pumpkin flag checkmark.

What direction should one stand when reciting pledge of allegiance and no flag is present?

If you are leading it. You would face the group you are leading. If you are part of the Group you face your leader. It is also appropriate to render the hand salute, which did not exist in the past.

Is Marie Antoinette the lady holding the flag on Liberty Leading the People painting on the Viva la Vida album cover?

No, that would be the personification of the idea of "Liberty".

How do you keep your garden flag to stop waving in the wind you live in a very windy are and it keeps wrecking your flags?

Sew or glue it to a more substantial backing so that the leading edges are not exposed to the wind. Otherwise, you might hang the flag on or attach it to a nearby wall.

What happened on Pakistan's independence day?

Normally, Prime Minister of Pakistan hoists Pakistani flag in a national ceremony which is attended by leading political leaders, Forces Chiefs, Prominent Government officials and civilians. National anthem is played while Prime Minster hoists the flag.

What does a flag ship hold?

It is a ship leading the way for a large number of ships, similiar in the case of a flag bearer leading a olympic or sports contingent. This ship usually contains the admiral,captain or the highest rank officer in the group of ships.Over the years the term is used to denote the "main",the "principle","prominent" across various industries in the corporate world.e.g. Y stores is the flagship store of Retail Chain X.

Why does Ko Wakatsuki burn the Japanese flag in memoir Farewell to Manzanar?

Ko Wakatsuki burns the Japanese flag in the memoir "Farewell to Manzanar" because he feels shame and anger towards Japan for its role in leading his family to be detained in an incarceration camp during World War II. By burning the flag, he is expressing his rejection of his Japanese heritage and culture due to the hardships they faced in America.

When did Flag to Flag happen?

Flag to Flag happened in 1999.