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What is a lightning rod?

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A lightning rod (or lightning protector) is a metal strip or rod, usually of copper or similar conductive material, used as part of lightning safety to protect tall or isolated structures (such as the roof of a building or the mast of a vessel) from lightning damage. Its formal name is lightning finial or air terminal. Sometimes, the system is informally referred to as a lightning conductor, lightning arrester, or lightning discharger; however, these terms actually refer to lightning protection systems in general or specific components within them. The term 'lightning rod' is also used as a metaphorical term to describe those who attract controversy.

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What a lightning rod?

A lightning rod is a metal rod placed in various structures to prevent lightning from striking them. It attracts the lightning to itself, and it is channeled into the ground.

What happens when lightning strikes a lightning rod?

Since Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod by using a kite & a key,if lightning strikes a lightning rod,the electricity will travel through the rod,then powers the house.

Metal rod that directs lightning to earth?

lightning rod

What did Benjamen Franklin invent?

* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals* lightning rod * Franklin stove * odometer * bifocals

How powerful is a lightning rod?

A lightning rod is designed to attract and divert a lightning bolt and has no power of its own

How did lightning rod improve people's live?

No doubt the lightning rod has saved many people and houses from damage by lightning. The lightning rod was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1752.

How much is insurance for a lightning rod?

I do not think you would need to insure an lightning rod.

When lightning hits a lightning rod where does the lightning go?

The ground

What impact did the invention of lightning rod have on society?

The lightning rod enabled people to have a system that prevented their house from being struck by lightning. It is a metal rod that prevented lightning from striking. Instead of striking the target it bounced off the rod and into the ground.

What is the importance of the lightning rod that Benjamin Franklin invented?

The lightning rod prevents ships and buildings from being hit by lightning.

Who invented lightning arrester?

Lightning arrester or lightning rod is a rod paired with a conductor. The lightning arrester was invented by Benjamin Franklin in the late 1749.

What is the primary purpose of a lightning rod?

The primary purpose of a lightning rod is to discharge the structure that it is attached to.

How can a lightning rod help to make a home safe?

Lightning rod is grounded.So when light strikes lightning rod all the charge is transferred to earth without harming the house.

Did Benjamin Franklin invent the lightning rod?

The lightning Rod was not dicovered, it was invented. The way to use the lightning rod was discovered however. Ive done a lot of looking up on this subject but never found the name of the person responsible for inventing the lightning Rod.

What date did Benjamin Franklin invent the lightning rod?

Benjamin Franklin did not invent lightning, but he did invent the lightning rod in the year 1752.

What did Benjamin Franklin's lightning rod do?

attract lightning

How did people deal with lightning before the lightning rod was invented?

It wasn't dealt with. It caused many fires. That is why the lightning rod was so important.

Why is the lightning rod Ben Franklin's most valuable invention?

Because by creating the lightning rod, he discovered that lightning and electricity are the same thing.

How does a lightning rod help guide the electric current?

lightning rods help you because of the metal in the rod

What year did Benjamin Franklin invent the lightning rod?

Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1752,

How high is the Empire State building not including its lightning rod?

856m tall without the lightning rod

Where can you buy skylander lightning rod figure?

make a fishing rod and make it look like lightning.

What is the purpose of a lightning rode?

A lighting rod is supposed to attract lightning so it doesnt hit something else. eg. It's raining and you have a lightning rod on the top of your hous. Lightning will hit the rod instead of hitting the house.

What a lightning rob does?

It is called a lightning rod and it protects buildings from lightning by guiding the lightning into the ground.

How do the lighting rod works?

The lightning strikes the rod and the rod safely directs the lightning to the ground to keep the house safe.Otherwise,the lightning would discharge onto the roof and likely cause a fire.

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