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Line Backer is an American football position. It is a defensive position.

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Q: What is a line backer?
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Related questions

What does a line backer do in football?

A line backer essentialy trys to move where the man with the ball is and a trys to make a tackle

What does a line backer do?

Plays american football

What is an ilb in football?

Inside Line Backer

What does the term Mike linebacker mean in the NFL?

Mike refers to a middle line backer. Sam would be strong side, and Will is weak side line backer.

What position does Will Witherspoon play?

The famous football line backer Will Witherspoon is a line backer. He is a free agent curently in the employ of the Tenessee Titans, but first played professionaly for the Carolina panthers.

Who is the best line backer for the broncos?

DJ Williams

What sport uses the terminology line backer?


What does LOLB stand for in football?

Left Outside Line Backer

How many Pittsburgh line backer are in the hall of fame?


What does middle line backer do on a football team?

Second line of defence in the middle. (Protects the Quarterback).

Who was the Eagles starting Middle Line Backer in 2002?

Levon Kirkland

Why is brian urlacher famous?

He plays Line Backer for the Chicago Bears

How much does a line backer get paid?

they paid about $6,000 each game

What does MIKE in football stand for?

i think it means middle line backer

What is the abbreviation for middle linebacker?

ML is the abbreviation for middle line backer

What is the position OLB in football?

That would be the Outside Line Backer on the Defensive Team.

What teams did Lawrence Taylor play for?

Line Backer for the New York Giants.

What does pound stand for in football positions?

line backer or left back if you are in the UK

How many reps can a 12 year old middle line backer do?

Depends on their condition & the exercise.

What does a line backer do on a pass play?

Either play man coverage, zone, or blitz

Who is the best line backer for the bears?

DICK BUTKUS who played for the CHICAGO BEARS from 1965-1973.

Who is the best line backer in the NFL?

AnswerPatrick Willis-San Fransico 49ers

What position did Brian Banks play in football?

Brian was a highly talented line backer in high school

What is a Broadway backer?

broadway backer

Who is number 56 on the patriots?

The Last player to wear #56 was Hall of Fame Line Backer Andre Tippett.