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There are only three monotremes: the platypus, the short-beaked echidna and the long-beaked echidna.

There are three sub-species of the long-beaked echidna: the Western long-beaked echidna, Sir David's long-beaked echidna and the Eastern long-beaked echidna.

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List 2 monotremes in Australia?

The two monotremes in Australia are the platypus and the short-beaked echidna.

List three affixes and inflections in the words ova monotremes and holoblastic?

For ova it is "a", for monotremes it is "s" and for holoblastic it is "ic."

Do monotremes have a placenta?

No. Monotremes do not have a placenta.

Are monotremes real?

Yes, monotremes are real.

Is a blue whale a monotremes?

No a Blue Whale is Not a monotremes.

Why aren't birds considered monotremes?

Monotremes are a "group" of mammals that lay eggs. Birds are not mammals and therefore not monotremes.

Do monotremes eat their young?

Monotremes never eat their young.

Are mammals monotremes?

Very few mammals, such as the platypus, are monotremes.

What Monotremes lay eggs?

All monotremes lay eggs. Monotremes are egg-laying mammals. They include the platypus and the echidna.

What are three ways monotremes are different from reptiles?

Monotremes have hair; reptiles do not. Female monotremes produce milk; female reptiles do not. Monotremes have a single lower jaw bone; reptiles have three lower jaw bones. monotremes are warm blooded where as reptiles cold blooded.

Are echidnas monotremes?

Yes; echidnas are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals.

Are anteaters monotremes?

No - only the two species of echidna and the platypus are monotremes.

Do monotremes have lungs or gills?

Monotremes are mammals; therefore they have lungs, not gills.

Do monotremes have short internal development?

No, monotremes do not have short internal development.

Where do monotremes originate from?

Monotremes are found in Australia and on the island of New Guinea.

What phylum includes eutherians and monotremes?

Eutherians and monotremes are in the phylum Chordata.

How do monotremes give milk?

Monotremes do not have nipples like most mammals, so the young can't suckle milk. Instead, monotremes have pores that ooze milk. The baby monotremes then lap up the milk.

Monotremes is a term used for?

Monotremes are mammals that lay eggs, such as the Echidna and the Platypus.

What kind of reproduction do monotremes have?

Monotremes are unique for being egg laying mammals.

Do monotremes have live birth?

No. Monotremes are an unusual group of mammals which lay eggs.

How do monotremes give birth?

Monotremes do not give birth. They reproduce by laying eggs.

Are dolphins monotremes?

No: dolphins are placental mammals. The only monotremes are platypuses and echidnas.

What is the different between monotremes and mammals?

Monotremes lay eggs, but are otherwise mammals

Are monotremes warmblooded?

Yes monotremes are warm blooded , they are like other mammals

Are moose monotremes?

No. A moose is a placental mammal, meaning it gives birth to live young. Monotremes are egg-laying mammals. Only platypuses and echidnas are monotremes.

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