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a book

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Q: What is a literacy contrivance?
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How to use contrivance in a sentence?

MY COMPUTER IS contrivance

How could you use the word contrivance in a sentence?

His obvious contrivance was just another thin plot.

What is a contrivance?

It is something that is made to happen in a story merely to explain something in the plot -- a contrivance is not logical or really believable. The best known plot contrivance is "and then they woke up and found that it had all been a dream."

How do you use an adjective with Contrivance?

In a sentence.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Contrivance of Dr. Bromegrass - 2010?

The cast of The Contrivance of Dr. Bromegrass - 2010 includes: Don Knodel as Dr. Bromegrass

Use contrivance in a sentence?

The meaning of contrivance is using a skill to create something, something created skillfully to serve a specific purpose, or a literary or artistic device that gives a sense of artificiality. The script used contrivance to keep the characters at the center of the action.

What is a gadget?

A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance.

What is the definition of gadget?

A small fitting or contrivance to do something useful

What does contrived mean?

Unnatural ; Forced ; Lacking Realness

What are some synonyms for contrivance?

Contrivance is a noun meaning a thing contrived, usually a mechanical device. There are many synonyms including appliance, contraption, gadget, gimmick, gizmo (or gismo), jigger, or widget.

What is the meaning of gimmer?

A piece of mechanism; mechanical device or contrivance; a gimcrack.

What is a pitfall of using a contrivance in a story?

It feels unnatural and inappropriate. :)