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it is actually called a Roundworm, but needs to be taken to the the vet to be deworme.

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Q: What is a long worm that was passed by your puppy?
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What kind of worm is very long and white in a puppy?


What if you worm your puppy twice?

nothing it will keep the worms gone for a long time

How long do puppies have worms?

You need to worm your puppy regularly (2 /3 weeks) until he is 6 months

When do you need to worm a new puppy?

After 6 weeks

Should you worm your six week old puppy and what kind should you use?

a puppy wormer

How long does it take for a puppy recover from being wormed?

just depend if you caught the worm puppy beening sick it take up to 4 or 5 days before it feeling better

What does it mean to worm a puppy?

It means to give them a tablet from the vet and that tablet will stop them getting worms in the future my puppy had it!!

What puppy worm is very small and can come out of their mouth?

Your puppy could have roundworms...they sorta look like spaghetti.

Can you get worms from puppies?

No, It is impossible to get worms from a puppy. But A puppy can be born with worm inside of them due to the mother's health status.

How early can you worm a puppy?

The fist one should be at 3 weeks.

You gave your puppy a worm dose this morning and when she went to the toilet a couple of hours after you noticed what you think was a round worm in her poo What do you do now?

Nothing. The worm medicine is working.

How long after a dog has puppies can you de- worm them?

They make puppy de-wormer. YOu can purchase at the store. Most start at the age of 2 weeks

What is the earliest age a puppy can be given dewormer?

I worm my dogs at 5 weeks.

Should you give your puppy worm medicine although she has no signs of worms?

no you should not

Can to much worm medicine hurt your puppy?

not sure but dont give it to muchh ;)

How can you tell a earth worm different from a round worm?

An earth worm is plump and long. A round worm is long and slender almost like a hair.

How do you get a cure a puppy with worms?

The worm medicine works great & is available just about anywhere.

What if your puppy won't eat?

Get A New One! lol Just joking, he may be either sick or has worms. Has he had his shot's? If not maybe you should purchase the 7-in-1 puppy shot. It has i think every vaccine puppy's need. I got my puppy one and he seemed happier and healthier Literally the next morning. If he's had his shot's maybe the worm medicine will work. Be VERY careful with the worm medicine tho. Make sure it's PUPPY worm medicine instead of Dog worm medicine. If you give your puppy to much or the Adult kind, he may over dose and die. When i was a kid i killed to of my puppy's accidentally with adult dog worm medicine. Good luck:) Tell foofy foofy i said What up Doe!

How do you make worm on the keyboard?

long wavy worm small wavy worm ~ baby worm ------straight worm ____ straight worm ====== straight worm s s-shaped worm

How soon can you worm a puppy?

You need to wait until the puppies are weaned at about 8 weeks old.

Can a dachshund puppy get bitten by a mosquito?

Of course a dachshund puppy can be bitten by a mosqueto. Just about anything can be bitten by a mosquito. Mosquito bites transmit the heart worm parasite. Heart worm is deadly to dogs. Puppies should be started on a heart worm preventative to kill any microfilaria (baby heart worm) that are injected by the mosquito into the dogs blood stream. Don't let your dog get heart worm. It can be very dangerous and expensive to treat and will kill your dog if its not fixed.

How often should you worm a puppy?

We worm ours every 2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, and 15 weeks of age. Then after that they get regular worming (like interceptors)

Is it better to under dose a puppy with worm medicine then over dose?

Yes. Always be more careful.

What is the longest length of a worm?

The worm was 22 and a half ft long.

How long does an unopened bottle of tequila with worm in it stay good?

First of all if it has a worm in it . It's not tequila its mesqul and as long as the worm isn't floating its ok