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What is a longhorn?

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A) a College Football team from Texas (Texas A&M)

B) a breed of bovine originated from Texas that has very long horns and a variable coat colour patterns

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Is a longhorn a mammal?

Yes, a longhorn is a mammal

Is a longhorn a type of cow?

Yes, it's a breed of bovine. Most people know the Longhorn as the Texas Longhorn, though it can also refer to the English Longhorn.

Why is Longhorn cheese called Longhorn?

It is the form of the cheese and it is a LONG- Horn shape. It has nothing to do with Longhorn cows

What is the largest state mammal in Texas?

longhorn longhorn

What is the name for a female longhorn that doesn't breed?

a longhorn

What is a longhorn steer?

A Longhorn steer is a castrated male bovine of the beef cattle breed Texas Longhorn. It may also refer to the beef breed English Longhorn.

Is longhorn a noun?

Yes, since it is referring to a "person, place or thing," in this case longhorn, referring to the Texas Longhorn or English Longhorn, is a "thing" being a bovine breed.

Where is camp longhorn located?

camp longhorn is in burnet Texas

Is Colby longhorn cheese different from regular longhorn cheese?


When was Longhorn Dam created?

Longhorn Dam was created in 1960.

Where do you get Longhorn t-shirts?

Some Longhorn shop, i guess. :)

What product is codenamed 'Longhorn'?

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 both shared the codename "Longhorn" during development at Microsoft.

Are longhorn cattle in the state of Michigan?

Yes, Longhorn cattle can be found in Michigan.

When was Dennis Longhorn born?

Dennis Longhorn was born on 1950-09-12.

What is code-named Longhorn?

A 2006 update for Windows Vista was given the code name of "Longhorn." It was named after the Whistler-Blackcomb Resort's Longhorn Bar.

How do you draw a longhorn?

A longhorn is the mascot for University of Texas (UT). Just find a drawing of the Texas Longhorns mascot and trace it, or use it to help you draw your longhorn.

What is difference between the bighorn and longhorn?

the bighorn has big horns and the longhorn has long horns

Why do longhorns have horns?

It's a part of the breed. A longhorn wouldn't be a longhorn without the horns.

Does Longhorn Deliver?


When was Longhorn Cavern State Park created?

Longhorn Cavern State Park was created in 1932.

When was The University of Texas Longhorn Band created?

The University of Texas Longhorn Band was created in 1900.

What is the size of a longhorn?

The typical longhorn fan is about 300 lbs and wears jorts and a vince young jersey.

What do South American longhorn beetles eat?

Longhorn beetles and their larvae eat dead or decaying bark.

What are the release dates for The Longhorn - 1951?

The Longhorn - 1951 was released on: USA: 25 November 1951

Where did Texas Longhorn cattle come from?

Texas longhorn cattle were imported by Spanish settlers into North America.

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