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The lungs are two air sacks located in the chest. They are a storage place for air.
A lung is an organ in many species that allows the animal to breath and transfer oxygen into their blood.
Saclike respiratory organs in the thorax of humans and the higher vertebrates.

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Is lung disease the same as lung cancer?

Lung Disease doesn't necessarily have to be Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is a Lung Disease.

Is your left lung smaller then your right lung?

your left lung is slightly smaller then your right lung. So your right lung is a little bigger then your left lung.

What is lung compliance?

Lung compliance = Lung expandability

What is lung neoplasm?

Lung neoplasm means lung tumor.

What organs are next to the lung?

The other lung. and the heart. and the lung

Why is the left lung smaller than the right lung eft lung smallerthan the right lung?

to accommodate the heart

Is lung cancer hereditary?

No, lung cancer is not hereditary. You get lung cancer from smoking.

Which lung is smaller then the other lung?

The left lung is smaller than the right.

Which lung has three lobes?

The right lung has three lobes.

What is primary lung cancer?

Primary lung cancer (also called adenocarcinoma) starts in the lung itself. Primary lung cancer is divided into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

What is primary malignant Lung neoplasm?

A primary malignant lung neoplasm is a cancer that started in the lung (as opposed to a secondary lung cancer, which spread or metastasized to the lung from somewhere else).

What is the purpose of lung transplantation?

The purpose of lung transplantation is to replace a lung that no longer functions with a healthy lung. To perform a lung transplantation, there should be potential for rehabilitated breathing function

What is a sentence for lung?

She has lung cancer due to her years of chain smoking.The boxer punched his rival in the lung.

What is the lung?

the lung is a spongy organ.

Which lung is larger?

the right lung

What is lung nogales?

lung concerns

What is cutting into a lung?

its when cut into a lung

What is a right lung?

the lung in your right

Is trachea the lung?

No trachea is not the lung.

What is a clasps lung?

Lung of a clasp

Is Lung disease communicable or noncomminicable?

There are large number of lung diseases are there. Lung infections are communicable, when many lung diseases are noncommunicable.

What is the difference between lung volume and lung capacity?

lung capacity/volume: the volume of the air in the lung after maximal inspiration there is no difference

What is Lung Access?

Do you mean lung ABCESS? If so, it is a localized infection (pocket) in the lung.

How many lobes does the left lung have?

The right lung has 3 and the left lung has 2

What is a floating lung?

a floating lung is something that is named lung and floats inside YOUR body