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What is the role of the lymph vessel in the intestinal villus?

transporting fat into the blood stream

What are the different kinds of vessels in a villus?

an artery, a vein, a capillary net, and a lacteal (a tiny lymph vessel)

What is the medical term meaning dilation of a lymph vessel?

Dilation of a lymph vessel is called what? Its called lymphangiectasis

What are Lacteal?

A lacteal is a specialized lymph vessel that absorbs fats in the small intestine.

What is any disorder of lymph nodes or lymph vessel called?


What is the smallest lymphatic vessel?

They are called either lymph ducts or lymph capillaries.

What are lymph capillaries in the small intestine called?

They are called lacteals.

What is the medical term meaning Collection of lymphatic tissue found in the submucosa of the small intestine?

These are called lacteals. They are located in the center of each villus (imagine a bone inside a finger). They absorb fat into the lymph and create a milky substance called chyle.

Large thoracic lymph vessel draining lymph from lower and left side of body is called?


What vessel carries lymph out of a lymph node?

lymph vessels

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of a vessel?

Angiitis is inflammation of a blood or lymph vessel. Vasculitis is inflammation of a blood vessel. Lymphangitis is inflammation of a lymph vessel.The condition is called vasculitis. An auto immune form is polyangiitis.(see the related link)

What is the type of vessel takes lymph away from the lymph node?

A lymph vessel. They are similar in function to blood vessels. However the lymph is moved along the vessel by muscle contractions rather than by the heart pumping.

What is the medical term meaning inflammation of a lymph vessel?

Lymphangitis is inflammation of a lymph vessel.lymphangitis

The large lymph vessel in the chest that drains lymph from upper right part of the body is called the?

right lymphatic duct

How does the structure of the villus relate to its role in absorption of the end products of digestion?

The Villus Absorbs fat, minerals,& essentials needed for creating energy In our body into the blood. Which then Leaves us with the waste materials which are the undigested matter that is pushed into the Large Intestine. Therefore The role of Villus in relation to the absorption of the end products of digestion is that it creates the end products of digestion.Villus increase the surface area of the intestine, this allows for increased absorption.

What structure increases surface area in our small intestines and why do you need them?

That is the villi (sing. villus.) The villi are built for absorption in the small intestine. They are small, finger-like projections on the inside of the small intestine. They increase the interior surface area of the small intestine 30-60x and aid digestion.There are different kinds of villi:Villus Capillaries -- Take amino acids and sugars into the blood streamVillus Lacteal -- Collects absorbed chylomicrons, which are lipoproteins composed of triglycerides, cholesterol and amphipathic proteins, and are taken to the rest of the body through the Lymph fluid

What lymph vessel do the lymph node exit through?


What is the milky appearing lymph that drains from the small intestine?

The lymph in the lacteals has a milky appearance due to its high fat content and is called chyle.

What structure carries lymph into a lymph node?

Afferent lymphatic vessel

The distal portion of the small intestine contains clumps of lymph follicles called?

Peyer's patches

The distal portion of the small intestine contains clumps of lymph nodules called?

Peyer's patches

What is the lymph gland located in mesentery of small intestine called?

Pancreas of Aselli - Angie Barrera

What happens if lymph cannot be pushed through a vessel?

If lymph iis not pushed through a lymphatic vessel, it will leak back out of the lymphatic capillaries. When this happens, swelling of th surrounding tissue occurs. This condition is called Edema.

What kind of vessel takes lymph to a lymph node?

afferent lymphatic vessels

How does the lymph get pumped through the lymph vessel?

The contraction of certain muscles squeezes the lymph vessels, pumping lymph throughout the system