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What is a major and a minor in college?

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There are hundreds of majors and minors you could choose in college. You could be an education major with a minor in Spanish.

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Do you have to have a minor to graduate from college?

no, but you generally have to have a major

If you are in college and you major in one course and minor in another do you get a degree in both your major and minor?

You get one degree particular to your major. Your transcript will indicate the minor you have completed.

Can you major and minor in Music in college?

If you major in music, there would be no reason to minor in music. It just makes no sense.

Can you major and minor in college?

You must declare and complete at least one major, but yes, you can complete a minor as well.

What is the difference between college majors and minors?

The difference between a college major and minor is that a major is the main field of study that one is interested in. A minor would be a secondary field of interest, and one can only enroll in a minor after enrolling in a major first.

Do you have to get scouted to play for the NBA?

you go to high school go to college then get recruited from college to minor leagus then get scouted to minor to major

What is the difference between a major and a minor in college?

The number of credits.

Can you have a major and a minor too at college?

Yes. Academically it is common to have both a major and a minor. However it is advisable to stay away from minors socially.

Do you receive a degree for a minor in college?

You receive one degree. Your transcript will indicate your major and minor. You do not receive another degree for a minor.

Should a college major and a college minor be similar?

it will be beneficial to you if they compliment each other but its not a requierment that they are similar. For instance, my major is education and my minor is spanish so that i can teach all subjects including spanish. But you dont want to do something like major in accounting and minor in physical education.

What is the difference between a college major and minor?

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What should is a good major and minor in college if you want to be an OBGYN?

To become an Ob/Gyn you don't need to take any particular major or minor in college. You just need to make sure you get into medical school and do well there.

What should your college major and minor be if you want to be or work for an event planner?

You should choose your college major and minor based upon your interests and strengths. If you are interested in becoming an event planer, business classes would be helpful.

What is a college minor?

Many undergraduate college students have more than one career interest, so they choose a major and a minor. A college major is the primary area of study, whereas a minor is the secondary area of study. Although you have to complete additional coursework for a minor, it may very well be worth the time and effort. Read on for helpful information on obtaining a college minor.What are the benefits of a college minor?Many students choose a college minor because it gives them a chance to pursue a personal interest, explore more than one career field, and increase their chances of having better job opportunities. Many employers are impressed by job applicants who had a major and a minor in college. It shows employers that you were willing to go the extra mile to gain additional skills and knowledge in an additional area of study.Can I choose my minor?Generally speaking, yes students are allowed to choose their own minor in college. Some students choose a minor that compliments their major course of study; while other students choose an area totally different from their major. For instance, if you are interested in earning a bachelors degree in business administration, you can also choose a minor that is in the field of business, such as marketing or accounting. Both marketing and accounting specializations supplement a business degree. However, say for instance you would like to pursue a bachelors degree in psychology but you are also interested in music. Well, you can certainly have a major in business and a minor in psychology, too.How many courses do I need for a minor?A college minor requires fewer courses than a major. In fact, a minor is equal to about half of your major coursework. For instance, if you are required to complete twelve courses in your major, you may only need to complete about five or six courses in your minor. Keep in mind that this does not include the basic core curriculum course requirements, (such as English, math, and science courses), electives, foreign language courses, and possibly an internship for your major. Nevertheless, the amount of courses that you must complete ultimately depends on your chosen minor and your schools academic requirements.Can I have a minor without a major?No, you cannot declare a minor unless you have chosen a major. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a major first, and then focus on a minor.Will I receive a degree for my minor and major?No, you will only receive a degree for completing the requirements for your major program of study. However, if you successfully meet the requirements for a minor, that information will be included on your college transcript. In addition, you may also list your college minor (along with your major) on your resume and job applications.How do I declare my minor?If you are ready to officially declare your college minor, you must speak to your academic counselor or advisor for assistance. Your counselor or advisor will discuss the course requirements with you and provide you with the appropriate degree plan. The degree plan will list the courses that you will need to successfully complete in order to earn a minor in that particular field of study.As you can see, it can be very beneficial to have a minor while you are in college. With just a few additional courses, you can gain an abundance of knowledge and broaden your career path at the same time.

What is the difference between a college minor and major?

You can not just enroll in a minor. You must be first enrolled in a major and then you can add on a minor. The minor is usually just extra set of courses you are required to take in that area.College Major - A major is the main field that you want to specialize in while you are still an undergraduate at a college. ( A lot of units in college will be devoted into your major because that's going to be your career choice in life, that's why you are studying it.)College Minor - A minor is a secondary field that you want to specialize in while you are working on your major. Generally, your major is what your intended career is, but your minor is something you pursue because of your personal interests.For example: If I want to major in Education to teach primary schools (Which is elementary schools) then that would be my major for college. But, lets say that I love doing education, but I also love going to church to do ministries to help people out, then I can do ministries by making it a minor. Thus, my major is Education and my minor is Ministries. By doing this, you have more flexibility in what you want to do and it just gives you more options to work with because when you graduate college, it proves to others that you can do education and ministries because you put your time and efforts into it.There are number of universities in India running number of courses some best universities which are recommended are:Pune University,Delhi UniversituIndraprashta UniversityLovely Professional UniversityJamia Millia University

Can you get a BA from a minor in college?

You can turn a minor into a major just by completing the courses that are particular to the program of study you wish. If you are doing this as a currently enrolled student, it called a double major.

What kind of college minor would go with a Criminal Justice major?

a dumb one.

What are your steps to playing in the Major League Baseball?

High school, college, single A minor league,a double AA minor league, and then triple AAA minor league.

Can you study journalism and dance at the same time?

In college, you can always have a major and a minor. It up to you to choose which of the two you would like to major in and which one will be your minor. It may be best to major in journalism and minor in dance. When you are a dance major, most often your schedule is dictated and there is little room for outside classes due to performances and rehearsals. Nevertheless, you can study both courses while matriculating through college.

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D major, B minor, G major, E minor, A major, F # minor, E major, C # minor, B major, G # minor, F # major, D # minor, C # major, A # minor, and maybe some others

What is the relative minor of A major?

The relative minor of A major is F# minor.

What is a parallel major or minor?

A parallel Major/minor is a major and minor key that has the same letter name. Example: C Major an c minor.

What is a minor as opposed to a major in college?

The simple answer is number of credits. Generally each department within a college or university sets forth X number of credits (and classes) are required for a major and Y number of credits (and classes) are required for a minor. A major has more requirements than a minor. It is generally pretty cut and dried. You can usually find the specific requirements in the college handbook; increasingly one can find the information online. The specific requirements do vary from school to school.AnswerLike previously said, the difference between Major and minor is the amount of credits. But also, A major is like the main focus on your career goal and a minor can be something to compliment it. For example, My major is elementary education. But, i also have a minor in spanish. The purpose of the minor is so that i may be able to teach elementary students spanish as well. Or another example can be a major in Business and minor in Finance, or a Major in Nursing and a minor in Biology. I think that's a good way to explain it.

What is the relative major of B major?

It's not a major, it's a minor. The relative minor of B major is G# minor.