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Carbon dioxide emissions causing global warming.

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Q: What is a major drawback of using coal as an energy source?
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What is the major drawback to using only biomass or gasohol for energy?


What was one major drawback to using chemical weapons in WW1?

The major drawback is the political and social dissaprove because chemical weapons are bad for the environment and leave too much waste.

What is the purpose of sunlight for photosynthesis?

It is the energy source. It is using as the energy source.

What is one drawback of using desktop virtualization?

is no drawback

Why is sunlight is not currently used as a major source of energy?

Getting energy directly from the Sun is still more expensive than using other energy sources, which are readily available.

What is defined as watee used as an energy source?

Using water as an energy source makes it a form of renewable energy. Using waste as an energy source is also renewable as the waste is being recycled.

Why is hydrogen a renewable fuel?

Hydrogen is not a renewable fuel. It is a secondary energy source (or an energy carrier) that could be produced using another primary energy source. Hydrogen could be produced using either renewable primary energy source (e.g. solar energy), nuclear energy, or by using fossil fuel (e.g. natural gas)

What is the efficiency of solar?

Solar energy trapped from the sun is very useful to make electricity for use in homes. It is an alternative energy source for when the oil, coal and natural gas reserves run out. It is also a very eco-friendly energy source unlike fossil fuels because it doesnt release toxic fumes. The only drawback in using this energy soure is that its very expensive to maintain as the building of solar panels costs a lot of money.

Why is geothermal energy defined as a renewable resource?

Using the energy does not deplete the source of the energy.

Write a sentence using te word hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is a major energy source in the western United States, particularly in the region of the Hoover Dam.

Is hydrogen is the source of energy?

the answer is yes because if the world ends then hydrogen is an energy source and in some places people are using it already

Which of these is an advantage of using wind as a source of energy?

Wind energy doesn't pollute the air.