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You can become a drug developer, be involved in medical treatment experiments, as contract researchers for medical organizations and even as clinical data managers to name a few.

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Q: What is a major in clinical science good for?
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When was Clinical Science - journal - created?

Clinical Science - journal - was created in 1909.

Is Yale good in science major?


What qualifications do you need to become a Clinical Research Associate?

You need to major in nursing or in a science or health field and have knowledge of research.

How do you use the word clinical in a sentence?

He had a cold, clinical bedside manner. The clinical setting made me think of science lab.

Is medical laboratory technology the same as clinical laboratory science?

Medical laboratory technology is generally an associates degree and a Clinical laboratory Science is a bachelors degree.

Is biological science a good major Is it hard Can anyone give you an idea about it?

yes it is good major and its not that hard not everyone can give you an idea about it.

Which colleges major in VERY good animal science and sports program?

LSU, good school

What is the major to become an MD?

You must major in Biology. AKA you must be good in anything science related.

What type of schooling is required to become a clinical research associate?

In order to become a Clinical Research Associate, one would need to have obtained a bachelor's degree in medical technology or life science. It is also customary for one to have a good understanding of the standards of clinical practice.

How much education do you need to become a good embryologist in India?

An individual who wants to become an embryologist needs a bachelor's degree in biology or biomedicine and a master's degree in reproductive science or clinical science.

What does clinical trial mean in science terms?

essentially clinical trials are testing on members of the public that volunteer themselves for such test

Which branch of science did Fiona Wood work in?

Fiona Wood worked in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and specializes in the field of major burn care, trauma and scar reconstruction. She is also a Clinical Professor of Pediatricsarea of Science. Hope that helps!!!!!

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