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A sport that includes marching in different formations on a field to music both music and marching are done by band members. Marching bands also are in parades and play at football games and during halftime at football games. They also go to marching contests. It's very fun but a lot of work you have to dedicated.
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What is the importance of the cymbals in a marching band?

Answer cymbals in marching band Because with out the cymbals there would absolutely be no CRASH!!! [: Cymbals and other percussion generally used for effect purposes. Sure you don't need cymbals, just like you don't technically need flutes since in most bands, you can't hear them. However, the on ( Full Answer )

What is the Largest College Marching Band?

Since the 2008 college football season, the James Madison Marching Royal Dukes have regarded as the nation's largest collegiate marching band with a staggering 474 members. The MRD's have been featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2001 and 2008, Presidential Inaugurations for President B ( Full Answer )

How do you manage a marching band instrument?

Just like you would during concert band season. Answer: Keep your instrument out of the rain as much as possible, especially woodwind instruments. Keep your instrument clean and in good condition. If you march a wooden instrument (which is not recommended), be careful with extreme temperature ( Full Answer )

How do you select marching band instrument?

It depends on your skill, strength, and coordination really. An instrument like the flute is good for people just starting out because they almost always carry the melody and they're really light, however their parts can often be fast and difficult to play.\n. \nObviously, heavier instruments requi ( Full Answer )

How did marching bands contribute to jazz?

After World War I there was a surplus of instruments from the bands that played during the war. Because of this, more people could afford instruments and the African American community could now play on many of these instruments and create their own music. In the long run this led to what we now cal ( Full Answer )

10 instruments in a marching band?

Flute . Clarinet . Alto saxophone . Mellophone . Trumpet, . Trombone . Tenor sax . Bari sax . Sousaphone, . Baritone This is minus the battery and pit.

Is a bass clarinet in the marching band?

Our band is pretty small but we have 2 bass clarinets so yeah, bass clarinets are in marching band.. Yes, they are in marching band. I have a marching band of 209 and we have 3 bass clarinet marchers. I will be marching next year. I currently play clarinet. But don't worry, when I was in 8th grade ( Full Answer )

What is the length of a marching band?

It depends on how many people are in your band and how many ranks you have. The smallest have probably about 20 people, and the largest hundreds!

Could you be in the marching band and have asthma?

It will be hard but it can be done. If you are a dancer you cant tho. But to play an instruments its fine. All it is is playing and marching. Nothing else.\n. \nIm in marching band and have asthma. By the way just playing and marching is harder than it sounds, it is also more than nothing else. You ( Full Answer )

How is a cell like a marching band?

A cell and a marching band are both made up of separate components that need to work together. The cell, with all of its parts like the nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, Golgi bodies, ribosomes, vacuoles, etc., need to work together for the cell to work. A marching band is the same. The many differe ( Full Answer )

What insteruments do marching bands play?

Marambas, Xylophones, clarinets, vibes, chimes, tympani, drums, cymbals, trumpets, flutes, saxophones, piccolos, bass clarinets, euphoniums, baritones, trombones, and tubas.

Why can't oboes be in marching band?

Oboes can't be in marching band because it would be incredibly hard for one to keep an oboe steady enough to keep their mouth on the reed in correct embouchure. Also, the delicate reed would be too easily broken. Oboes altogether are very delicate and expensive instruments, it would be very risky an ( Full Answer )

What DCI marching band is the best?

That is a matter of opinion. Just as some have favorite football teams, people have favorite DCI bands. It also depends on the show the band has that year. Every show is received differently. If the show isn't pulled off, they don't receive high marks. Some recently distinguished bands are the Phan ( Full Answer )

How do you march as in marching band?

To march you must be a few things: . Able to keep time without rushing . Able to keep time without slowing . Able to keep time . Have some coordination Then you need to learn how to march correctly if you do roll step then your heel of your lead foot hits on beats one and three. The heel of ( Full Answer )

How do you make a marching band?

Often, movies like "American Pie: Band Camp" are what people think of when marching band comes to mind. However, marching band is really hard work! There are a couple things you can do to prepare for an important audition. First, practice your music while sitting down. Don't try to march and play ( Full Answer )

Difference of marching band and concert band?

Marching band- is where you march and play instruments. Concert band- you are seated in chairs playing instruments. Marching bands also do field shows and parades while they play. These bands also include a color guard, who are people that spin flags This guy does NOT say the true difference. ( Full Answer )

Were marching bands common in the 1800s?

Not in the same manner as today. Bands grew out of the military,where they would play in parade with soldiers on the march. Fullshows performed on football fields didn't develop until much later.

Were do marches and marching bands come from?

The marching band originated with travelling musicians who performed together at festivals and celebrations throughout the ancient world. It evolved and became more structured within the armies of the early city-states, becoming the basis for the military band, from which the modern marching band em ( Full Answer )

Is there credit for marching band?

Typically, if you enroll in marching band in high school or college, you receive some academic credit - about 1 or 2 credit hours. Using the Bowling Green State University Falcon Marching Band as my reference (a band that I am a proud member of), grading is based on your daily attendance, music memo ( Full Answer )

Can you get marching band scholarships?

Unlike sports, marching bands normally do NOT offer scholarships for talented players headed to college. (If you find one, let me know.) In marching band, it doesn't matter if one person is exceptionally gifted: if the whole band looks sloppy while one scholarship student looks excellent, they will ( Full Answer )

Why does the army have marching bands?

All Military units have a band. It is a long standing tradition, using a theme song or a rallying song for war and for pride in the unit. The military bands are called upon to play for dignitaries or many other events, where music is needed and appropriate. Ceremonies would not be the same without t ( Full Answer )

Why can't violins be on marching band?

Because of the difficulties in being able to bow across the strings while walking down a path. Besides, where would one place the lyre that holds the music? The violin is also not a "band" instrument.

What is belonging to a marching band like?

I feel very loyal to my marching band. I learned all about teamwork and what putting in hard work really means. When we all perform a show, I am very happy because I know that I am working with all my friends and that I am giving the audience a show that they can enjoy. I love being in my schools ma ( Full Answer )

When was the first marching band created?

The first marching band to ever march during halftime at a football game was the University of Illinois' Marching Illini. They performed at halftime in 1907 during the University of Illinois' game against the University of Chicago.

What is the size of blugold marching band?

In 2009-2010, the BMB had 220 instrumentalists, 24 color members, 13 dancers, 3 drum majors and 12 sideline staff, making a total of 272 members in the band.

What kind of marching band drum?

The kind of marching band drums that are actually on the field marching are basses, snares and tenors. The kinds of drums that are technially part of the marching band but do not actually march would be timpini, tom-toms. Or at least this is how it is for my high school band. Hope this helped!

What celebrities have played in marching bands?

Here's a list of famous former marching band members: Flute • Halle Berry, actress • Celine Dion, singer • Calista Flockhart, actress • George Eastman, founder of Kodak • Gwen Stefani, singer Clarinet • Woody Allen, director • Gloria Estefan, sing ( Full Answer )

How are marching bands graded?

I can't speak for all bands, but in the marching band that I was in, we were graded for daily attendance of practices and for shows/parades.

What kind of music is a marching band?

It canbe any kind of music! :) For example, lat year, my marching band played "Poker Face" and "Soak Up the Sun." It can be any type, really. Usually something upbeat

Who marches at the front of a marching band?

It all depends on how the drill is written, but generally softer instruments that utter higher pitches are towards the front so they can be heard: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone.

Is This marching band good?

well hillside high school has a very good marching program in NC. If you go to North Carolina and ask who are they...You'll get a quick answer lol

Where would a marching band play?

A marching band plays at halftime at football games. They also play play in their own competitions in football stadiums. However, throwing a personal note in, being in marching band myself, we have to practice in an old parking lot, and only get to use the field for competitions. But as far as it is ( Full Answer )

How heavy are bells for marching band?

If the cart is light, the bells are usually light. Since they're so small and usually don't have resonators, it's a lot easier to move them

What is a core style marching band?

A drum corp consists only of brass, percussion, and colorguard; woodwind instruments do not participate in a drum corp. The percussion section consists of the drumline--snares, tenors, bass drums, and cymbals--and the pit, the standing percussion, such as the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, bells, t ( Full Answer )

How do you march in marching band?

When you are standing at attention, your heels should be together, toes apart, with your chin up, and shoulders back. You always start marching on your left foot. Usually the drums will give clicks, and when you hear them, your left foot should hit the ground. You always roll your feet, and stay at ( Full Answer )

Can bass clarinet be in marching band?

It is possible for a bass clarinet to be in marching band, however, it is usually the band director's preference whether or not to allow bass clarinets in their own bands.

Why arent there bassoons in marching band?

To play a bassoon, one must typically be sitting on a stable surface for the reeds to vibrate properly. While marching this is not possible to achieve, also marching brings with it he chance to crack the sensitive reeds in double reed instruments. It is also considered "dangerous" to march a double ( Full Answer )

How did marching band all start?

The first marching band to ever march during halftime at a football game was the University of Illinois' Marching Illini. They performed at halftime in 1907 during the University of Illinois' game against the University of Chicago. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_did_marching_bands_star ( Full Answer )

What musical instraments are in a marching band?

All kinds of brass instruments are used. Although tubas are usually replaced with sousaphones or contras, and euphoniums/French horns are usually replaced with mellophones. Most woodwind instruments are used in college and high school bands, with the exception of double reeds given their dangerous n ( Full Answer )

What uniforms does a marching band wear?

Most marching bands wear a hard tall hat with a chin strap, long pants that strap over your shoulders, and a shirt that has hard, stiff shoulders and stiff seams and sides.

What is a celebration with marching bands?

Many celebrations include marching bands or drum corps. Different holidays where parades occur are good times to see a marching band perform in a parade setting. Along with parades marching bands also perform field shows that most often take place during the halftime of a football game. Of course, ( Full Answer )

What instruments are not in a marching band?

A marching band is made up of a mixture of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Thus, the string section that would be found in a symphony is not found in a marching band. Though occasionally, a marching band will use a guitar or bass guitar during a field show. In addition to that, double ( Full Answer )

What are marching band leaders called?

The staff person who runs it is the director. Or, the students whoconduct the band in performance, they're called "drum majors."