What is a marching band?

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A sport that includes marching in different formations on a field to music both music and marching are done by band members. Marching bands also are in parades and play at football games and during halftime at football games. They also go to marching contests. It's very fun but a lot of work you have to dedicated.
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How did marching bands contribute to jazz?

After World War I there was a surplus of instruments from the bands that played during the war. Because of this, more people could afford instruments and the African American

What is a marching band wind instrument?

A wind instrument is any instrument that uses air to be played. Examples of wind instruments in marching bands: clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, trombone. Us

How do you march as in marching band?

To march you must be a few things: . Able to keep time without rushing . Able to keep time without slowing . Able to keep time . Have some coordination Then you need to

Difference of marching band and concert band?

Marching band- is where you march and play instruments. Concert band- you are seated in chairs playing instruments. Marching bands also do field shows and parades while t

Were do marches and marching bands come from?

The marching band originated with travelling musicians who performed together at festivals and celebrations throughout the ancient world. It evolved and became more structured

Why does the army have marching bands?

All Military units have a band. It is a long standing tradition, using a theme song or a rallying song for war and for pride in the unit. The military bands are called upon to

Why can't violins be on marching band?

Because of the difficulties in being able to bow across the strings while walking down a path. Besides, where would one place the lyre that holds the music? The violin is a

What is the size of blugold marching band?

In 2009-2010, the BMB had 220 instrumentalists, 24 color members, 13 dancers, 3 drum majors and 12 sideline staff, making a total of 272 members in the band.
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Who marches at the front of a marching band?

It all depends on how the drill is written, but generally softer instruments that utter higher pitches are towards the front so they can be heard: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxop
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How do you march in marching band?

When you are standing at attention, your heels should be together, toes apart, with your chin up, and shoulders back. You always start marching on your left foot. Usually the