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A Mas camp is a camp set up for masquerade costume designers, costume assemblers, carnival costume order takers to get together a month or two before a major carnival mardi gras event.

Carnival participants can visit the mas camp for complete information on carnival masquerade bands, view costumes in each section of a masquerade band, be fitted for a costume before purchase and other related activities that occur during a carnival mardi gras.

The term originates from Trinidad and Tobago the birthplace and home of the most spectacular carnival celebration.
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ole mas is when people come and make different kinds of costumes and parade in it.

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Without the accent, mas is a conjunction "but". Much more commonly, it appears with an accent, más. This means "more", "plus", "most."

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Debbie Mathers Briggs Eminem's mother, Debbie Mathers Briggs has been married four times - John Briggs is the latest husband

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Camp camp is quite a unique camp. It caters to a very specific group of people. It caters to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transvestites. It is for both singles and couples belonging to these groups.

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The paper billing information is not made available on-line.Itemized charges plus the related tax as provided in the old paperversion is not available and even the bell operations people cannotprovide it. the digital maze available on line is somethingprovided so that you feel better when you look a ( Full Answer )

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While one might expect a latin symbol for amperes or milliamps, Aand mA are the accepted symbols for these.

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