Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic country located in the southern Caribbean. With a total area of 1,981 sq mi, it comprises two main islands – Trinidad and Tobago – and many smaller landforms.

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Trinidad and Tobago

Why did they east Indian came to Trinidad?

as indentured labourers

Trinidad and Tobago
John Cena

Is john cena coming to Trinidad?


Trinidad and Tobago
Postal Codes

What is Trinidad postal code?

Trinidad does not have a postal code because the country does not use that system. If you are asked to put in a postal code, simply put a dash in it's place...or some other mark.

Trinidad and Tobago

When is the ceiba carnival celebrated?

known throughout Central America for "Feria Isidra", which takes place at the end of May, usually starts with small carnivalsd in different enighborhoods around the city on the third week ending a in a big carnaval on Saturday usually around the 24 or 25 of May. It culminates with a big carnival called "Gran Carnaval de la Amistad", when first avenue turns into a huge dance, with local musical bands and colorful floats. The remainder of the year, the party environment continues in the "Zona Viva" (Lively Zone) - an area known for its clubs and bars frequented by natives and foreigners alike. There is a saying in Honduras, which many Ceibenos have taken to heart. It goes: In Tegucigalpa, they think; In San Pedro, they work; and In La Ceiba, they party!

Illegal Drugs
Trinidad and Tobago

Is marijuana legal in Trinidad?

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Trinidad and Tobago
Christopher Columbus

Did Christopher Columbus rediscover Trinidad?

Columbus rediscovered Trinidad on Tuesday 31st of July 1498 on his third voyage from Seville. He was forced to take a more southerly route to avoid a hostile French Fleet and this led him into the doldrums. While drifting in the still heat of the equator his water barrels burst and his food rotted. It was in this situation that Columbus sighted the Trinity Hills or the Three Sisters on the southern coast of Trinidad. To Columbus it must have seemed providential as he was down to his last casket of water. There were already the Carib and Arawaks who inhabited the island at the time of his arrival.

Trinidad and Tobago

What are five french places in Trinidad?

Blanchisseuse, Grande Riviere, Lopinot, Laventille, Matelot (and one more if you don't want to use Grande Riviere...Pointe-a-Pierre

Trinidad and Tobago

How far is Trinidad to Texas?

Its approx. 533 miles and will take 10 hours of car drive.For more info go to and click on Get directions.

Trinidad and Tobago

What is Indian Indenture Ship?

This was the arrival of East Indians from India to the Caribbean countries to replace the labour after the end of the Atlantic slave. Many Caribbean countries like Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana are a few of the many Caribbean nations that endure Indian Indentureship. Many of the East Indians were paid for their labour but in very very small amounts. The East Indians were promised a better way of life from the life many had in India but many soon came to the realization that their promised life was only a trap to get them to do the hard work the slaves no longer wanted to do. They worked in the cane fields for their masters.

Trinidad and Tobago

What is ole mas?

ole mas is when people come and make different kinds of costumes and parade in it.

Trinidad and Tobago

What do Trinidad holiday costumes look like?

all white because Trinidadians do vodu for a living more than people in Haiti.

Trinidad and Tobago

List of spanish places in trinidad?





rio claro

san fernando

san grande

las cuevas

el dorado

Trinidad and Tobago

Are there any plateaus in Trinidad and Tobago?

there are no plateau in Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago
Slogans and Mottos
Chase Bank

Can you use online bank for royal bank of Trinidad and tobago?

yes you can. go to and go to Caribbean banking on the lowe left side

Trinidad and Tobago
West Indies
Caribbean Islands

Is Saint Lucia a developed or developing country?


Trinidad and Tobago

What is the meaning of arima in Trinidad?

In Trinidad Arima means 'water'

Trinidad and Tobago
Real Estate
Real Estate Buying and Selling
Real Estate Investing

How do you become a real estate agent in Trinidad?

  • 1

    Ensure that you are a hardworking, patient and self-possessed individual. It is a good idea to have good communication and persuasion skills before you opt for this field of work. You might consider taking up a communication or personality development course to bring your skills up to speed.

  • 2

    Collect details about sanctioned real estate institutions that offer different courses by interacting with either the Professional Licensing Commission of your state or the Real Estate Association functioning in your area.

  • 3

    Enroll in small or full-fledged courses and take the written test that is necessary to evaluate your familiarity with the laws of trading real estate. You need to be at least 18 years old (some states require 21 years old) and be a high school graduate.

  • 4

    Allow the Real Estate Licensing Commission of your state to conduct a background investigation process according to law. It is necessary because of the huge amount of money and confidential information involved in the deals.

  • 5

    Search for different real estate agencies who would want to recruit agents by going online or from the yellow pages. Hopefully, you will become a part of the brokerage in no time after going through their hiring process.

  • 6

    Work with a real estate broker for at least 2 to 5 years and gain sufficient experience before setting up an individual practice. Observe and learn the tricks of the trade.

  • 7

    Procure your broker's license to practice as a broker from your state licensing authority after gaining a substantial foothold in the field.

Trinidad and Tobago

SEA results for Montrose Vedic School?

Six people pass for Saghs I tink

Trinidad and Tobago

Who coined Trinidad and tobago watchwords discipline production tolerance?

Dr Eric Williams, First Prime Minister T & T

Trinidad and Tobago
Senior Secondary Certificate SSC

What are the top ten secondary schools in Trinidad?

Asja boys college San Fernando asja girls college san Fernando naparima college naparima girls high school presentation college qrc st Joseph's convent hill view st Mary's college
Trinidad and Tobago

What changes took place when Trinidad became a republic nation?

The office of governor general was replaced by the president of the republic. The constitution was changed to a a new republican constitution. Trinidad ceased being a monarchy. The president replaced the queen as head of state. Trinidad now prints its own currency (money).

Trinidad and Tobago

Whom was the national flower named after Trinidad and Tobago?

Don Jose Maria Chacon

Trinidad and Tobago

What does Traditional calypso mean in Trinidad and Tobago?

it is just calypso obviously

Performing Arts
Trinidad and Tobago

Local dance in Trinidad and tobago?


Trinidad and Tobago
Time Zones

How many hours ahead is England than Trinidad?

Four hours ahead.


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