What is a material burned for its pleasant smell?


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scented oils but that's an opinion


scented candles


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Because, incense is a material that produces a pleasant smell when burned

They traded beads, metal tools, and weapons for gold, ivory, ebony, and incense, a material burned for its pleasant smell.

the burned smell is strong. how do you get it out of the house?

The word "aroma" is usually used to describe a pleasant smell.

Good Smell....Pleasant smell

Yes all flowers have a smell. The smell could be pleasant or stinky.

The volatile organic aromatic compounds of pleasant smell evaporates from rose and diffuses through air out. That is why a person passing nearby a rose garden will feel the pleasant smell of rose.

Yes, pleasant is the correct spelling of the word.Some example sentences are:She is a very pleasant lady.There is a pleasant smell from the kitchen.His voice sounded so pleasant to her.

It smells like a sweet, cream. pleasant smell.

Pleasant is the correct spelling of the word.Some example sentences are:It will be pleasant to see her again.She follows the pleasant smell to find freshly-baked cookies.He was always a pleasant man.

no they refuse to eat it because of the smell, smell provolone cheese it doesn't smell pleasant

Hibiscuses do have a smell to them but it's a pleasant one. The smell reminds me of Rose of Sharon.

esters with pleasant fruity smell are formed.

Incense is biological material that is aromatic. It releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is commonly used in various religious ceremonies, in medicine and also just for enjoyment of the pleasant fragrance.

They DO smell but very faintly so you have to get very close to the center. They smell very sweet and pleasant.

They used to, but no mare. Does anyone know where I can get carnations to plant that smell like they should?

Flowers often smell pleasant and sweet because they are trying to attract insects. Insects will often follow the scent of the flower and then pollinate the flower.

It depends on what you mean by smell. If there is a pleasant aroma, then that might signify you having bathed correctly, congrats! If the smell is a bitter one, then it could be a bacterial infection on the feet or fungi. I would consult a doctor to see if that's a problem. If it doesn't smell bad, then lay back, relax and smell the pleasant smell of soap.

No, there should not be a smell caused by the burning of a disc

Flowers have different smell and color to attract bees and other insects

it is the smelling of sweat and filth. it is not usually to pleasant

They both don't smell pleasant when threatened.

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