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Q: What is a merry Christmas rectangle one oz 999 fine silver worth?
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What is the value of a 999 silver merry Christmas coin with a mouse on the reverse?

This coin is most likely worth the silver value.

What is a Warner bros 1959 we wish you a merry Christmas lp worth?

A record like that is literally worth its weight in vinyl. In other words, it's not worth anything.

What is the value of a 1971 Christmas Solid stirling silver ingot worth?

Something like that has no collector value and is only worth its silver content. The actual value depends on the weight.

How much is a 1999 silver dollar with Santa's face on one side and Christmas ornament on other worth?

This is not a US coin, it's a "silver round". Most are made from .999 pure silver of different weights. Take it to a jeweler to find out how much it's worth.

What is the value of a 1992 Christmas one troy ounce 999 silver coin?

It varies depending on the rate of silver value. There is little to no collector value, so it is worth the bullion value of one ounce of silver.

Is silver plating worth anything?

how is silver plated silver worth now

Is English silver worth anything?

Is English silver worth the same as sterling silver

What is a 1932 dime worth in silver?

It is worth at least $3.50 in silver.

How much is a 1967 Kennedy silver 50 piece worth?

It is 40% silver and worth about $4-5 depending on the silver price. It is only worth silver melt regardless of the condition.

What is the value of a 2002 US Silver Eagle dollar?

A 2002 silver eagle is worth whatever one ounce of silver is worth. At the time of writing, an ounce of silver is worth about $22 and a silver eagle would be worth the same. However, silver fluctuates in price on a minute to minute basis.

What is the value of a 2007 Christmas one troy ounce 999 silver coin?

Well, today a troy ounce of silver is worth $40.66 (April 13, 2011) so unless that is a rare piece I wouldn't expect it to be worth any more.

What is worth more pewter or silver?