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Q: What is a mineral that gives rigidity to bones and teeth and is essential in cell metabolism?
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What is a common mineral that is found in milk products that is essential for healthy bones?


What are bones a store house for in our body?

bones are the store house of essential mineral cause it is made of calcium and it stores many essential minerals for our body.Thus,we can say that BONES ARE THE STORE HOUSE FOR THE BODY.

What minerals make the bone hard and strong?

Mineral salts from calcium and phosphorus compounds are essential for making bones hard and strong. calcium is the most essential mineral to make bones strong but not all bones are as hard as you think some bones are "Spongy" but we just dont notice it. hope this helps if you need to know this....

What mineral gives your bones and teeth hardness?

besides calcium, fluoride is essential especially in hardness in teeth.

What part of the body provides structure and rigidity?


A mineral needed by bone cells?

A mineral needed by bone cells is called calcium. It is essential for structure, strength, and growth of the bones and bone cells.

What is calcium in the body used for?

provide rigidity for the bones and teeth

Which vitamin is essential for healthy bones?

calcium is essential for teeth and bones

Almost all of the calcium in the body is used to?

Provide rigidity for the bones and teeth

How does fitness contribute to physical health?

Fitness is essential for a healthy lifestyle. It can increase metabolism, strengthen the heart, increase lung capacity and build stronger bones.

Mineral found in bones?

Calcium is found in bones

What mineral is found in bones?

This mineral is the hydroxyapatite, a phosphate salt.

What is the main mineral found in bones?

the main mineral is calcium

What are the vitamins essential for the eyes and the bones?

A for the eyes C for the bones

Bones store salt of mineral?

Bones contain hydroxyapathite.

What important mineral is necessary for healthy bones?

Calcium is the most important mineral for healthy bones, especially for women.

What is vitamin a essential for?

Vision and bones.

What is mineral content of our bones?


Why are teeth not a mineral?

they are bones in your body

What mineral is needed by your bones?


What is a mineral that strengthens bones?

It is calcium

What is a mineral that strengthen bones?

It is calcium

Why muscles are attached to bones?

Muscles pull on bones to create body movements. The bones act as rigid levers and the muscles utilize their rigidity to enable movement by contracting and relaxing.

What is a joint and what is it's purpose?

A joint is the intersection between two or more bones. Joints are essential for accommodating movement and rigidity in our skeletal system. There are several types of joints (e.g., ball in socket) that allow for different types of movement.

What chief mineral that makes the bones a hard tissue?

The main mineral is calcium.

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