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What is a minimum SAT score?


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The minimum SAT score on the New SAT is 600 (200 in each section).


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The minimum SAT score on the New SAT is 600 (200 in each section).

The minimum SAT score needed to be accepted at Stanford is 2070. This is the combination of all 3 scores.

The minimum critical reading score is an 660. The minimum math score is an 700. The minimum writing score is an 780.

There is no required SAT score for entrance to UT Tyler. A minimum score on the SAT is considered to be 1420-1750.

You would have to have a minimum of 157

600, you get a minimum of 200 for each section

Check the statistics for accepted/enrolled college freshmen SAT average score

◦ SAT Critical Reading: 660 SAT Math: 680

SAT Critical Reading: 660SAT Math: 690SAT Writing: 670

Applicants must have a minimum of SAT score (critical reading and math) of 1030 or at least a composite ACT score of 22.

just do your best and get the highest you can get

Washington State University accepts an average of 76 percent of its applicants. There is no actual minimum SAT score that is required for admission. A score of 1450 would just about guarantee entry.

For undergraduate students the requirements are a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a minimum ACT score of 20 or SAT score of 950

The minimum ACT score that is needed to get into Florida State University is a 26. The minimum SAT score is a 1730.

◦ SAT Critical Reading: 390 / 500 SAT Math: 400 / 520

There is no minimum SAT or ACT score needed for JMU. Take a look at the quick facts on their website:

it is posted on their website that the minimum gpa is 2.0

Sorry, Their is no answer at this time.

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The minimum SAT score that is needed to be accepted at New York University is a 630 for the math portion, a 640 for the writing portion and a 620 for the reading. The minimum GPA needed is a 3.4.

Texas Tech University's low combined SAT score is a 1475.

The minimum Sat score for the fall semester at Florida International University is 1400. If attending during the spring or summer semesters, you need a Sat score of 1530-1550.

There is no minimum SAT score you need to get into Pace University. As of June 2014, the average scores of those admitted are 520 Verbal, 530 Math and 525 Writing.

SAT Critical Reading: 700 / 790SAT Math: 710 / 800SAT Writing: 710 / 800

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