What is a mixture which the individually substances are not evenly?


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In a mixture, the individual substances are not even distributed. You can segregate these substances using physical techniques.

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A SOLUTION is a mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

Hetrogeneous mixture is a type of mixture where the substances are not evenly mixed. Homogenous mixture is type of mixture where two or more substances are evenly mixed on a moleculeral level but are not bonded together.

A type if mixture where the substances are not evenly mixed. for example sand and water or cereal

the substances are evenly distributed throughout. (APEX) :)

solution: 2 or more substances evenly mixed and heterogeneous mixture: 2 or more substances unevenly mixed.

Yes, that is correct. A homogeneous mixture contains particles of two or more different substances that are evenly spread apart.

A Compound mixture. I think it is called homogeneous... <>

No. A solution is a type of mixture in which particles of the two substances are easily mixed

This type of mixture is called heterogenous mixture where substances in a certain mixture are not evenly spread.

If city air is individually considered, it is a homogeneous mixture with substances in the gaseous phase.

one of two or more substances that are not mixed evenly

Homogeneous because in my science book it says a homogeneous mixture contains two or more substances that are evenly mixed on a molecular level but still are not bonded together

it is a heterogenous mixture because it contains substances that are not evenly mixed together

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that contains two or more of different and insoluble substances. Ex: A mixture of Sand and Rocks is a heterogeneous mixture as they do not diffuse evenly.

A homogeneous mixture in which subtances are evenly distributed throughout the mixture and a heterogeneous mixture is when substances are unevenly distributed throughout the mitre

this is a mixture where all of the substances in the mixture are evenly destributed for example a koolaid because it is 50% water and 50% koolaid

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