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Q: What is a mod34 Remington NRA rifle in ex. cond worth?
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How much is a remmington 22 rifle in good cond worth?

Depending on the model and condition 50-5000 USD.

What would a Winchester pump 22 rifle with an octagonal barrel be worth?

Depending on condition and age, anywhere from 75$-200$ (new,poor cond. 75$; older, good cond. 200$)

How much is a Lakefield 22cal 93m WMR bolt action rifle worth in good cond?

50-150 USD or so

What is the value of a Remington model 7400 30.06 in good cond.?

100-500 USD depending on specifics

Value of Rossi single shot rifle in 223 cal Exc cond?


Where to buy a Remington 591 rifle?

I have one Like NEW purchased by Me in 1969. These rifles were discontinued in 1973, and Never reproduced. Original Ammo is scarce. But is now made available at $17.00 per box of 50 rds. at Most Gun Shows. Although The "Blue Book" States the value of this rifle in Near New cond.; as being around $200. Collectors are paying over $400. for Originals in 90%, or better cond. As I stated before, I have one for sale for $410.00 with a Weaver K2.5-1 scope mounted. All in near Mint Cond. with the original Mag. The scope alone is worth over $200!!! Interested , Call 937-532-3173

Value of a vintage Savage 30-30 bolt action rifle model 340?

Your Savage Model 340 is valued at; Exc. Cond: $375.00 USD V.G. Cond: $325.00 USD Good Cond: $250.00 USD Hope this helps you out,

What is a noble model 40-a worth?

in mint cond. $900to$1200

What is a beretta mod 84b worth in good cond?


What is the value of a sears and roebuck BB rifle model 799 19052 in excellent cond. made by Daisy?

The Daisy 1894 Winchester Commemorative. Value in Excellent condition is worth $175 - $215

Value of Mod 110D 270 Savage rifle in exc cond?

20-400 USD or so

What is a 1951 Webster dictionary worth?

1951 good cond. Any value?

How much is a Indian spear head worth?

500-1500 depending on cond.

What is the value of crosman 350 slide action air rifle bb gun that still works but in fair cond?

Ther V350 Was made from 1961 -1969 and in Fair condition it is worth between $35 -$55.

What is a Dickson Falcon 3502 12 ga sxs worth?

In good cond. the 3502 is worth around $400

What is the value of Marlin model 89c 22 long rifle Micro groove in good cond?

50-125 USD

How much is my browning bar cal 270 in excellent cond. worth?

500 USD

How much is a used browning gold hunter worth?

in good cond..800 usd

What is value of Remington 5MM mag with ammo about 25 years old?

your 5mm rifle is selling for about 150.00 for clip feed , 175.00 to 200.00 im tube feed in 95% cond. ammo is selling for 75.00 to 85.00 abox less if you can buy 5 boxs and add shippimg

What is the value of a nylon 10 22 calibar smooth bore rifle?

an excellent cond. gun recently sold for 2750.00 on gunbroker

What is the value of a 30-30 revelation model 205?

200 in good cond

How much is your 1974 harly sporster worth?

Two grand in ok cond. Runs and rides ?

What is a Rg 22 1 barrel pistol in good cond worth?

20-30 USD

How much is a mint cond Star Wars Darth vador bank worth?

56 bucks

How much is a stoeger 20 gauge double barrel worth in ok cond?

About 100 USD