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300 or so

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โˆ™ 2009-11-28 00:58:08
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Q: What is a model 99 300 savage worth in good condition?
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How much is a Savage Arms revelation model 115 worth?

The Savage Arms Revelation model 115 is worth $150 in good condition. Revelation was a Western Auto name. The Western Auto is really a Savage 46.

What is the value of a Savage Arms Hiawatha model 594 single shot?

in good condition the a savage arms hiawatha model 594 is worth about 75-100 USD

What is a savage model 5 deluxe worth?

40-75 dollars depending on overall condition,and a good bore.

What is the Savage Arms Model 73 bolt action .22 worth?

50-60 dollars in good condition.

What is a savage double barrell side by side shotgun model b worth?

Around $1000. in good condition.

The value of a savage sp 300 model 99 serial?

Sorry- there are at least 24 different Savage Model 99s. Value is driven by EXACT make/ model, and condition. With the exception of the 99E, most are worth around $450-$550 in good/ very good condition. Some rare versions are worth more.

What is a Model 72 Savage 22 with an octagon barrel worth?

In good condition the going collectors price is around $240.

What is your Savage Fox 12 gauge side-by-side shotgun worth?

depends on the exact model and condition. A Fox Sterlingworth in good condition is about $500.

How much is a Savage Arms Model 24A over under 410 22 worth in good condition?

100-450 USD

What is the value of a model 911 westpoint savage arms double barrel shotgun 12 gauge?

Your model 911, depending on condition, is worth about $270 in good condition (as of Jan 15th, 2011. Excellent condition is $300+

What is the value of243 savage model 110bl j series worth?

$850-1200 in good condition up to $1600-2000 excellent

How much is a Savage model 860 worth?

A Stevens/Savage model 860 22-caliber rifle is generally worth anywhere from $115 to $150 if in very good condition. Shipping on some websites can be as high as $25.00. The Savage Arms Company headquarters is located in Westfield, Massachusetts, and has been making rifles and shotguns since 1894.

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