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100-1000 USD depending on specifics


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You need to submit the kind of firearm is it? Pistol, rifle, shotgun?

The pistol is actually a Model of 1900 made by Fabrique Nationale (FN) and designed by Browning. These were used extensively during WWI by trench sweepers and Belgian/French officers. Modern repro magazines for them are available from gun parts sources (try numrich online). Good luck. FYI, Brevete means "patent" and SGDG stands for "Sans Guarantee Du Government," which means without the guarantee of the government. The name of the gun is FN Model 1900 or Browning "Old Model."

These guns are highly collectable and condition is everything. Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal

A Lver Johnson model 1900 22 revolver gun can be worth $115 dollar or up. It all depends on the shape it is in. has a sn fucntion under customer service.

Please ask a question. JM Brownings first patented pistol is the FN model 1900 patented on April 20, 1897 a .32 caliber automatic pistol.

value depends on overall condition. the break open pistol stems from turn of the 1900's, and are not in the real collectible world......................

If you have the FN 1900, also called the Browning #1, it was produced from 1899-1907 and there were 700,000 made. It will have "Fabrique Nationale-Herstal-Belgique (Brownings Patent)" inascribed on the left side of the pistol. Under that it will have Fabrique Nationale's icon with a small picture of a pistol and a circle around it. Under that it will have " BREVETE-S.G.D.G." which is a french term for the patent process. It was used on many things including clocks. Hope this helps.

Check out the auction sites - Gun Broker, Auction Arms, Guns America. Condition is the main factor.

Good question- with no clear answer. First, Fanny Kaplan did not kill Lenin. He lived several years after the event in 1918. Secondly, it is now questioned whether she actually shot him- or if this was a staged event for political purposes. The firearm is question is referred to as a "Browning revolver". However, Browning did not make revolvers- they made automatic pistols. A likely candidate is a Browning 1900 or a Browning 1910 pistol. However, I have no definitive answer for the make, model or caliber of the gun supposedly used. Sorry.

John M. Browning began working on, revising and perfecting the .45 caliber automatic pistol for the US military in the early 1900's. The first version was adopted for military use in 1911.

What is your question?

The 1900 is worth about $17.00. The 1893 is worth a whole lot, somewhere around 1,800 dollars but the 1900 isnt worth as much.

1900-1901 10,000 FN 1900 pistols serial # 1 to 10,0001901-1902 21,700 pistols produced 10,001 to 31,7001902- 1903 40,000 produced serial # 31,701 to 71,700Aug 4, 1904 serial number 100,0001903-1907 328,300 produced serial # 71,701 to 400,0001907-1910 275,000 produced serial # 400,001 to 675,0001910-1914 49,550 produced serial # 675,000 to 724,550

It is a Savage, like Remington in the early 1900's used Brownings square back design. It was manufactured by Savage.

If by 45 automatic pistol you mean the 1911 Colt, then John Browning developed this design and the cartridge it uses between 1900 and 1904, producing his first prototype for testing in 1904. It was tested and modified, then adopted for service use by the United States in 1911, hence its designation as the M1911 Automatic Pistol. The design was further modified to create the M1911A1, which includes the grip safety.

You can oil the catch by taking the gun slide apart and oil the catch and the metal part on the slide.

Harrington & Richardson did not make a Model 1900. Hopkins and Allen did.

how much is a 25 cent 1900 Dominion of Canada paper bill worth

a 1900 five dollar bill will be worth a video game.

Manufactured for Belknap Hardware Co by Crescent Fire Arms sometime between 1900 and 1932. Worth about $75 if it is in shooting condition.

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