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What is a modems purpose?

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1. To MODULATE (convert) the digital signals from a computer into analogue signal to enable it to be carried through the telephone line.

2. To DEMODULATE (convert back) analogue signals from a telephone line into digital signal to be used in computer.

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What was the purpose of the squeal of a dial up modem?

it was the handshakeing of the modems

What are cellular modems used for?

There are three types of cellular modems - cell phones, aircards, and cellular routers. All three of these have the same purpose which is to connect a computer to the internet.

What are the two forms of modems?

The two forms of modems are dial-up modems and private line modems

What are two types of modem?

Modems come in two varieties :Internal modems are the modems that are fixed within the computer.External modems are the modems that are connected externally to a computer as other peripherals are connected.

What is the purpose of a PCI slot?

A PCI slot is used for Graphic cards and other expansions such as PCI based modems.

What is the purpose of a laptop modem?

The purpose of a laptop modem is to provide the signals needed to allow the laptop to be functional and have internet service. Laptop modems can be purchased in retail stores or online.

How many types of land line modem are there?

There are several types of land line modems that have been created over the years. Some of the more dated modems were soft modems as well as dial up modems.

How many types of land line modem?

Soft modems and dial up modems are some of the more dated modems that were created. They are considered to be land line modems since they used wired connections and ports.

Are Cable, DSL or Wireless Modems the fastest?

Cable modems are usually the fastest.

What purpose does M2M serve today?

M2M machines serve the purpose of using wireless modems to communicate using General Packet Radio Service or the more commonly known 3G Mobile Network.

After connecting the Ethernet cable to the modem what do you do next?

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Does SIC 3661 include establishments manufacturing modems?

Included are establishments manufacturing modems

How do you unlock modems?

Huawei modems can be unlocked using unlock codes... you can purchase one from Classicunlocking.com

Why do you need a modem to connect with your ISP?

All PC modems have a unique identity code ISP - INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER for the purpose of tracking your identity and location through your modem's signal. Mobile modems (dongles) have several ISP'S and they change each time as you move location and log in.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modems?

Advantage: Modems not expensive. Higher transmission speed. Telephone can still be used. :)

Can you hook up two wireless modems to dsl?

Not with one account. The modems have their own mac address.

Which type of connector is used by analog modems?

The type of connector is used by the analog modems is RJ11 or RJ45.

What were Private line modems?

Private line modems worked exclusively with voice and data private lines

When did non dial up modems come out?

Non-dialup modems came out at the end of the twentieth century, and became more and more popular since then. The new modems give quicker and quicker speed all of the time, and are much more efficient than the dialup modems.

Why are external modems more expensive than internal devices?

External modems need a case power supply and UART (for communicating between the modem and the serial line) that are not necessary for internal modems.

What is the purpose of a null modem cable?

The purpose of a null-modem cable is to permit two RS-232 "DTE" devices to communicate with each other without modems or other communication devices (i.e., "DCE"s) between them.

Difference between ADSL modems and ADSL 2 modems?

adsl 2 + is used for high speed internet.

Do apple computers have modems?

As of around 2010 or 2011 Apple no longer installed dial up modems in their computers.

What happens when modems handshake?

When modems handshake they are "talking" to each other while in the process of sending and receiving data.

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