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A modern song and dance in Argentina is SONG:GOATS FOR BREAKFEST DANCE:SKINNING THE GOAT

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Q: What is a modern song and dance in Argentina?
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What is a traditional song or dance in Argentina?

rumba i think

National dance of Argentina?

The national dance of Argentina is the "Tango."

What is the modern urban line dance song popular at weddings?

The Electric Slide

What does the word modern dance techniques?

modern dance techniques of modern dance contemporaries.

What song titles start with the letter D?

The Dance (Garth Brooks); Dance, Dance, Dance (The Beach Boys); and Danny Boy (Irish Ballad) are song titles that begin with the letter D. Additional song titles include Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley); Don't Cry For Me Argentina (from musical Evita); and Don't Rock the Jukebox (Alan Jackson).

What is a good song to dance modern to?

i can only image by mercy me if ur Christian of course

What is the different between modern dance and interpretative dance?

modern dance is modern while interpretative dance is more in interpretaion

What is modern dance?

modern dance is the latest version of dance made.

What type of dance music was invented in Argentina?

Argentina invented the tango.

What is creative modern dance?

creative modern dance is what you dance in a creative way

What is the national dance of Argentina?

The Tango!

What dance originates from Argentina?


Did modern dance develop from any other style?

I am assuming that what you are referring to as modern dance is modern jazz dance. This style of dance came from ballet.

When was The Modern Dance created?

The Modern Dance was created in 1978.

What famous latin dance originated in Argentina and Uruguay?

Tango, was originated in Argentina.

What is a good modern rock or alternative first dance wedding song?

No it is not you want your first song to be for the bride and the husband . You want it to be slow and romantic.

What is the difference between modern dance to folk dance?

Modern dance is pretty obviously created now, but folk dance used to be a modern dance that was taught through the generations.

What is a good dance to the song No Air?

I personally think "No Air" would be a great lyrical, contemporary, or modern.

Do you get more flexible in modern dance or jazz dance?

Modern dance requires more flexibility than jazz dance.

Who developed modern dance and why?

The person who developed modern dance was Isadora Duncan. Martha Graham was just a dancer inspired by Isadora Duncan and her dance, Modern Dance.

Does anyone know of a good song that can go with a dance routine that is jazz and modern with a 7 deadly sins theme I want the music to be unpredictable and creepy?

there is the song "Zombie" jazz dance can be done to it but it is also creepy.

What country is famous for the dance the tango?


Tango is a dance form of which country?


What are the example of lyrical dance?

if you are trying to ask what lyrical is, it is a form of dance mixing ballet and jazz, people mistake it for modern, which it is not. a example of a dance is maybe a song like Sarah Beth with a lot of jumps...

What is the best dance song?

the best dance song is "Krazy" by pitbull