What is a mortar and pestle and how are they used?

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A mortar and pestle is a tool used to grind and mix substances, including chemicals in a laboratory and also food in the kitchen. The pestle is a heavy small bat, made from porcelain, wood or other materials, whose rounded end is used for pounding and grinding. The mortar is a bowl, which can be made from porcelain, wood, carved stone or other materials. The substance is ground between the pestle and the mortar by rubbing or pounding the substance with the pestle against the wall of the mortar, thus turning it into a fine powder.

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It is used to crush/grind solid particles into a fine powder, for example...almonds sometimes need to be crushed to be added to a recipe
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What are mortars and pestles used for?

Mortars and pestles are used for food preparation. They are used tocrush or grind food items. The food is placed into the mortar, andthen the pestle is used to crush it.

What are the uses of a mortar and pestle in the kitchen?

The best use is definitely to crush fresh Ligurian basil (together with garlic, oil and pecorino cheese) in order to make the "pesto", a green sauce to be used for pasta's fir
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Use of mortar and pestle?

The mortar and pestle are used to crush solids into powder: it is often used as a symbol for pharmacists in the US, and is the subject of a very funny Danny Kaye wordplay bi
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Did the Neolithic people use mortars and pestles?

There are stone mortars and pestles from Natufian culture, meaning even before domestication of wheat and barley. The Natufian culture collected the wild cereals.
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What is a Mortar and Pestle used for?

A mortar is a small bowl and a pestle is a heavy, club-shaped object. An object is placed into the mortar and then ground by the pestle. They are often used in pharmacies and
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What are safety precaution in using mortar and pestle?

A mortar and pestle is a grinding tool that is not a potentiallydangerous object such as power tools and electrical kitchenappliances. But there are some consideration in usin