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What is a mosque?


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A mosque, or masjid as it is known in Arabic, is a place of worship where Muslims, the followers of the religion of Islam, perform their prayers (salah). A mosque is the centre of a Muslim's mind and is very important in the religion of Islam. Prayers are offered five times at different intervals in the day, lead by the imam who reads from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The Muslims prayers are called sula in Arabic.


-noun a Muslim temple or place of public worship.

Origin: a derivative of sajada to worship, lit., prostrate oneself
mosques is the place where Muslims do their religious rituals, praying and worships
They are the churchs of the Muslims.

Mosque is not even the right word, the real word for the Place of Worship of Muslims is MASJID. The mosque/masjid is sacred because it the house of worship and praying for God. Mosques are considered as God house.

Isn't a church sacred to Christians? Isn't a temple sacred to Hindus?

Similarly, a masjid is sacred to Muslims. Its their place of worship, if you didnt already know. In a masjid/mosque everybody from all walks of life, sits on the floor rich and poor, king or janitors, black or white, all sit to pray side by side because its a house of Allah and everybody is EQUAL in front of God!!!

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