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A mosque, or masjid as it is known in Arabic, is a place of worship where Muslims, the followers of the religion of Islam, perform their prayers (salah). A mosque is the centre of a Muslim's mind and is very important in the religion of Islam. Prayers are offered five times at different intervals in the day, lead by the imam who reads from the Quran, the holy book of Islam. The Muslims prayers are called sula in Arabic.

A-noun a Muslim temple or place of public worship.

Origin: a derivative of sajada to worship, lit., prostrate oneself
mosques is the place where Muslims do their religious rituals, praying and worships
They are the churchs of the Muslims.

Mosque is not even the right word, the real word for the Place of Worship of Muslims is MASJID. The mosque/masjid is sacred because it the house of worship and praying for God. Mosques are considered as God house.

Isn't a church sacred to Christians? Isn't a temple sacred to Hindus?

Similarly, a masjid is sacred to Muslims. Its their place of worship, if you didnt already know. In a masjid/mosque everybody from all walks of life, sits on the floor rich and poor, king or janitors, black or white, all sit to pray side by side because its a house of Allah and everybody is EQUAL in front of God!!!

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Where is the Grand Mosque is located?

there is no grand mosque...many large towns have a grand mosque that heads the smaller ones and some countrys have a grand mosgue to head all mosque in the country..there is no grand mosgue ..most people think the grand mosque is the mosque in mecca but it isn't not...even to is in mecca it don't control all mosque worldwide so there is no grand mosque as in control of all mosque but many mosque called grand mosque like for example the grand mosque of Kuwait or the grand mosque of mecca or the grand mosque of abu dhabi just to name a few on national level...but is no main controling mosque .....

How do you spell mosque?


What is the f mosque in Dubai?

There is no mosque in Dubai called the F Mosque.

Where is the largest mosque in Nigeria?

The lagest mosque in nigeria is kwara state mosque

What is an adjective for mosque?

There is no adjective to mosque. Mosque is the building where Muslims go for praying.

Forth biggest mosque and where is it at?

The fourth biggest mosque is Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia

Which the mosque in fujairah considered one of the ancient mosque in uae?

Al Badiyah Mosque

Who worships at mosque?

Men go to the mosque.

What is the famous mosque in Delhi?

Jama mosque

What is name of second largest mosque in Pakistan?

Badshahi mosque is the second largest mosque in pakistan

What is an example sentence with the word mosque?

Christians go to church every Sunday, while Muslims go to mosque every Friday.

What year was the first mosque built?

The first mosque in Islam is Mosque Qiba, built in July 622. The mosque is in the country Saudi Arabia, in the city of Medinah.

How do you use the word mosque in a sentence?

MosqueFor the Muslims religion, It is important to go to the mosqueThe mosque in Istanbul was very beautiful as it have patterns that could attract people

Why did akbar built the badshahi mosque?

The Badshahi Mosque in Lahore was built by Aurangzeb and not Akbar. Completed in 1673, Badshahi Mosque is the second largest mosque in Pakistan.

What is are name of a temples in istanbul?

The Blue Mosque (or Sultan Ahmed Mosque) is in Istambul and is the national mosque of Turkey.

Is the Sacred Mosque the holiest place for Muslims?

If by the Sacred Mosque you mean the Great Mosque in Mecca, yes it is.

What was the mosque against mosque nab-vi?

It was Zarar mosque made by Munafiqs (Pseudo Muslims ) .

Which is the first mosque of muslim to pray?

Quba Mosque in Medina is considered the first mosque of Muslim to pray.

Which mosque do Muslims find most appealing?

The geatest blessings are for praying in the mosque in Mecca. That is where the house built by Abraham is. The next greatest mosque is the mosque of Muhammad, in Medinah. The third greatest mosque is in Jerusalem - where many of the other Prophets were. After that, there is no special distinction given to any mosque.

What is the largest mosque in Baghdad Iraq?

grand mosque

Which is biggest mosque?

al haram mosque in makkah

Is there any mosque in Paderborn?

is there any mosque in paderborn

Where is the blue mosque?

the blue mosque is in istanbul in turkey

What is the kitchen called in a mosque?

A Mosque doesn't have a kitchen.

Is the Koran Read in Mosque?

Yes it is read in Mosque