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A motion is a request to the court to enter a particular order. A motion for discovery is a request to the court to order the opposing party to produce discovery materials. Discovery materials differ depending on whether the pending matter is a civil or criminal case. Discovery is generally intended to allow parties to know what to expect at trial. Knowing the other side's case encourages pretrial resolution and facilitates the presentation of evidence at trial.

The local state or the federal Rules of Civil Procedure govern what material is discoverable in a civil case and how it can be discovered. In general, discoverable material in civil cases is any material that might lead to evidence that would be admissible in court.

In criminal cases, discovery is governed by the Rules as well as by caselaw. A criminal defendant is entitled as a constitutional right to discover anything the prosecution has that tends to show the defendant did not commit the offense charged, even if the prosecution does not believe the evidence. Many state and federal courts have open file discovery, which means that defense counsel can see the prosecution's file. Giving copies to the client-defendant, however, can be limited or even forbidden. (See e.g., local rules of the Federal District Courts in the Western District of North Carolina.)

Contrary to the original posting here, Grand Jury material is generally not discoverable. Grand Jury proceedings are sealed and confidential except in very rare circumstances.
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Where can you obtain information for filing a petition for a Motion of Discovery if you were defrauded by a car rental agency in Los Angeles and later placed on a 'Do Not Rent' list in Chicago?

Answer . \nTo obtain information about the procedure contact the office of the clerk of the appropriate state court (usually civil court) in the county in which the person(s) or business you wish to bring a suit against are located.\n. \nThe petition must relate directly to the information that ( Full Answer )

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There are 2 defendants who commit a crime both are sent to prison and 1 defendant request a Motion of discovery so it can use the info against the co-defendant can this be stopped?

Ok, my son was in a Gang he commited a crime with other gang members, at the time of trial, my son denounced his relationship with the gang and all were sent to prison , now one of the gang members has been sent to the same prison and wants to request a motion of discovery so he can use the informat ( Full Answer )

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What is motion for discovery?

A motion for discovery is when a request is put in to the court toorder the opposing part to produce discovery materials. Dependingon whether the matter is a criminal or civil case discoverymaterials vary.

What is a motion of discovery?

A category of procedural devices employed by a party to a civil or criminal action, prior to trial, to require the adverse party to disclose information that is essential for the preparation of the requesting party's case and that the other party alone knows or possesses.

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If a person does not have a legal counsel can he file a motion of discovery for himself?

If a person is honestly representing themselves ( pro se ) they are afforded all the same privileges and opportunity that an attorney would have. The question is, will they know how to apply the law and use it properly? Most judges will discourage defendants from representing themselves, because if ( Full Answer )

What is a motion for additional discovery?

A motion for additional discovery is a request to the court for more than the standard amount of discovery under that court's rules of procedure. Typically, in order to avoid expense and consumption of time, court rules limit the amount of discovery one party may take and the amount of time within w ( Full Answer )

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How long does a motion of discovery take for approval?

There is no statutory timeframe for this action. If the trial is at a point where it is either already in session or it is contemplated to start imminently, the ruling on the motion should be pretty quickly forthcoming so as not to hinder the courts docket. On the other hand, if it is a complicated ( Full Answer )

Why cant you file for a motion for discovery for grand jury?

Because it is a rule of legal procedure. For their consideration, the Grand Jury is only presented,with the basic PROBABLE CAUSE necessary to indict the defendant of the offense. Grand Juries never see all the subsequent evidentiary proof, which is eventually presented at a full-blown trial, therefo ( Full Answer )

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Why cant you get a copy of your motion of discovery?

If you filed a Motion for Discovery, it would be in the clerk's record. You can appear at the clerk's office and request a copy. It is public record, and therefore open to the public.

Can a defendant file a Motion for Discovery of Information Necessary to Receive a Fair Trial or does it have to be a lawyer?

If you are representing yourself (pro se) you can but I wouldn't recommend representing yourself in a criminal proceeding. You can always get a court appointed attorney if you cannot afford one. I am assuming it is a criminal proceeding because you have listed your question in the "warrants" categor ( Full Answer )

How to file motion to compel in discovery?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but I'll answer this based on what I think you mean: If the parties in a case have hit a brick wall regarding what one party believes is discoverable, but the other party doesn't, then you file a motion to compel. You can also file it if the 28 or 30 days ( ( Full Answer )

Does Plaintiff in a civil case have to prove the debt to a defendant before proceeding to motion to compel discovery?

No. As long as the complaint sets forth sufficient allegations of fact to support a finding that the debt is due and owing the case moves along to the point of discovery. The whole purpose of discovery, and therefore a motion to compel discovery when discovery is refused, is to ascertain the facts s ( Full Answer )

What is a discovery level 2 in a Motion to modify the parent child relationship?

In Texas, level 2 is when discovery begins when suit is filed and can continue until 30 days before the hearing. There can be no more than 50 hours of depositions. If more than two experts are called the oral deposition time can increase six hours per expert. No more than 25 written interrogatories ( Full Answer )

Where do you get the form for motion for discovery?

the first place I would contact is the clerk of your district court . Some states provide forms for this and other legal issues. Some do not, which would require you to find the templates on line - and usually for a fee. There is a definite format to all court documents. One thing about a motion - y ( Full Answer )

Why file Motion discovery?

A discovery motion lets you know what evidence the other side has. Normally, you are not allowed to surprise the other side with evidence they didn't know about, unless their lawyer was too dumb or distracted to file a discovery motion. Also, they may have evidence that helps you, that you will n ( Full Answer )

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Discovery is the process by which both sides to a case are given the opportunity to learn about the facts of the case. Discovery can take many forms, such as written questions, document requests, depositions, and subpoenas. Discovery is often said to be the way to avoid "trial by ambush." It allows ( Full Answer )

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