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What is a moving blood clot called?

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it is a thromboembolus.

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What is another name for a drifting blood clot?

A moving blood clot is called an Embolus.

What is the medical term meaning clot in an unbroken vessel?

If the clot is stationary it is called a thrombus. If it is moving inside the vessel with the blood flow it is called an embolus.

What is a stationary clot called?

stationary clot is called a thrombus or a blood clot.

What is a circulating blood clot?

a circulating blood clot is called an embolism.

What is a blood clot that stays fixed at the vessel?

A fixed blood clot is called an embolus.

What is a blood clot moving in bloodstream?

i have no idea but search it on the web

A blood clot circulating in the blood stream is called?

A circulating blood clot is called an embolism and is extremely dangerous, particularly to the brain and lungs.

What is a blood clot on the lung called Embolus or Embolism?

A blood clot on the lung is called an emboli. The term embolus means the process of forming emboli.

Can a blood clot from a small vein be harmful?

Why Yes its a blood clot; A Blood Clot is a Blood Clot no matter how you look at it.

What are blood cells that clot blood called?

Blood clotting involves platelets.

What is a medical term for blood clot?

Blood clot: Blood that has been converted from a liquid to a solid state. Also called a thrombus (plural "thrombi").

What is the term for blood clotting?

The term for a blood clot depends on whether the clot is stationary or has migrated into the blood stream. A stationary clot that is lodged in the heart or any other organ, is known as a "thrombus". If the blood clot goes elsewhere via the bloodstream, then it is called an embolism.

Is phlebitis a clot in a vein?

No,Phlebitisis an inflammationof avein. A clot in a blood vessel is called thrombosis.

The blockage of a vessel by an embolus?

A blockage of a blood vessel is caused by a clot called a thrombus. If that clot breaks free and travels through the blood vessels then it is called a embolus.

What are cell fragments that help the blood to clot?

Cell fragments that help the blood to clot are called platelets. Blood clotting is very important in the event of an accident.

Blood does not clot?

blood does clot and so can your arteries it will clot if you will have a major accident...

What is the medical term meaning failure of the blood to clot?

Well medical or otherwise its called anti-coagulation. Diseases that cause the blood not to be able to clot or to clot slowly include hemophilia.

Is your blood clot dangerous?

no...you want your blood to clot.

What is arterial blood clot?

It is a blood clot in an artery.

What is the medical term meaning moving clot?

An embolus is a moving clot.An embolus, or embolism.

What helps blood to clot?

Platelets help the body to clot blood.Platelets help the body to clot blood

What is genetic disorder in which blood doesn't clot?

blood do not clot it is due to disease that disease called haemophiliafromshrey batham ,class 1oU.D.C.A

What Blood cells are needed to clot blood?

blood platelets is need to clot the blood

What causes blood clot in legs?

A blood clot is called a Thrombosis a blockage of a blood vessel by a blood clot. It is most likely to happen where normal blood flow is disrupted by for example plaques of fatty atheromatous tissue in the walls of an artery or inflammation of the blood vessel. The clot eventually narrows or blocks the passage of blood causing the tissues beyond to be starved of oxygen and nutrients.

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