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A nominal Roman Catholic is one who says they are Catholic but doesn't really practice the Faith.

The question can be better framed by what C.S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity: it is not a question of who is a Christian or who is not, but rather who is a good Christian and who is not. Someone who says they are Catholic thus is not the question, it is a question of whether or not they are a good one.

Roman Catholic AnswerA nominal Catholic (or Roman Catholic) is also called a "check box Catholic". Someone who was raised in a Catholic family, so they check "Catholic" when filling out the College form, the dorm form, the hospital check-in, etc. They may attend Mass on Sunday, or at least at Christmas and Easter (if they are visiting their family or they got married and have children) but they don't go to confession, they shouldn't be receiving Holy Communion (but they do when they go at Christmas), etc. In other words, they are a "cultural Catholic" but not really a "practicing Catholic".
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Q: What is a nominal roman Catholic?
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