What is a nondenomination?

Nondenomination or nondenominational refers to a christian organization, group, place or thing that is Christian in nature but isn't officially a part of a specific established christian denomination. Another word for nondenominational church could be independent church. Another answer

The Christian Church is split into denominations - groups that have a common way of worship, and in some cases, slightly different beliefs. As examples, denominations include the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Baptists, Methodists, URC, Salvationists, Pentecostals and so on.

If a particular church does not belong to a denomination, then it is called nondenominational or a 'nondenomination'. Another name of a nondenominational church is a 'free' church. Most free churches are very Biblical and orthodox in their beliefs, but there are some dangers in being nondenominational. In denominational churches beliefs are checked and are accountable to the church authorities world wide. In a nondenominational church, unless care is taken over doctrine, it is possible that heresies, fundamentalism or exclusivity can creep in as the church members are accountable to no one.