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There are several. Water, mud, and air are some examples.

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A nonliving factor in an ecosystem is called?

A nonliving factor would be called an abiotic factor. A living factor would be called biotic

Which of these are the nonliving factors in a biome?

An Abiotic, is the nonliving factor.

Is water a biotic factor in an environment?

No, water is an abiotic factor - a nonliving factor.

Is biotic a nonliving factor in a biome?


Is water an abiotic factor?

Yes, water is an abiotic factor, as it is nonliving.

Nonliving parts of an ecosystem?

abiotic factor

Why is wind considered an abiotic factor?

It is nonliving

Why is light considered abiotic factor?

it is nonliving

Is fire a natural and abiotic factor?

Fire is an Abiotic factor. The definition of Abiotic factors are the nonliving part of the ecosystem. I am pretty positive that fire is nonliving.

Physical or nonliving factor that shapes an ecosystem?


What is the word for a nonliving thing in an ecosystem?

Abiotic factor

What are nonliving parts of an ecosystem are referred to as?

Abiotic factor

Is the moon a biotic factor?

No, the moon is nonliving - abiotic.

Name the biotic and abiotic componants?

A biotic factor is living and an abiotic factor is nonliving.

What is an abiotic factor?

A non-living part of an organism's abiotic factor is a nonliving factor ( thing ) An Abiotic factor is a non-living thing in an area such as:temperature,air,water,sunlight,soil quality, etc.A nonliving part of an ecosystem

What abiotic factor characterize a hydrothermal vent?

Nonliving things

Is a raccoon a nonliving feature?

No, raccoons are biotic (living) factor.

Wath is abiotic factor?

True facts or qualities about a nonliving organism

What is an abiotic factor in an environment?

Anything nonliving that affects the living things

How does a nonliving factor influence organisms in a aquatic environment?

Nonliving factors, such as rocks and caves, provide protection and shelter for organisms in an aquatic environment.

Is seasonal cycles a density dependent limiting factor?

No it is a Density independent factor- nonliving and does not depend on population size

Is soil an abiotic factor?

Yes, because it is a nonliving part of an ecosystem. yes it does .

Which is a nonliving factor that helps determine ecosystem type?

the amount of water available

What is a nonliving factor that helps determine ecosystem type?

The amount of water present

Is glass biotic or abiotic factor?


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