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What is a normal penis size for 21 year old?


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Well any size is normal but the average erect size is 5-6 inches for a adult.
When flaccid (limp) the penis, depending on the ambient temperature and a lot of other factors can be anywhere from a couple of centimeters (one inch) long to the length that the erect penis attains.

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There is no "normal". The size you are is normal for you.

The average erect penis size for a 19-year-old is 6 inch. The average flaccid penis size would be 3 inch.

Well... I am a 13 year old and i have a 3.4-3.5 inch penis so basically you as a 14 old should a penis size of about 3.0 inches to 4 inches so... Yeah your penis size is a normal average size for a 14 year old.

It would be no longer than an inch, and that would likely be erect.

Any size is normal. Everyone's different.

well it will be realy big but it will get bigger as they get older

Everyone grows at their own rate so yes its normal

I'm 11 years old and my penis is 5 1/2 inches soo the normal size is around 4-5 inches. im 13 and mine is 8'' but 4-6 inches probs normal size

i personally would be happy that my child of 2years is healthy ... but to answer you question science has not determined what size a 2 year old penis is ... and rightfully so ...

that is a little bigger than average

adultamerican average is 5 1/2 inches

I have a 8.5 inch penis. I have been told that it is large for my age so I would guess normal is like 5-7

There's no such thing as a "normal penis size". A little net search would prove me right. It's really different for most boys.

I'd be more worried about who it belongs to dude.

5-7 inches give or take an inch

nope it isnt,mine is 15,5cm and im 16:SS

The average penis size for a 14 year old is about 4 inches. HOWEVER, the age at which puberty typically begins is anywhere between 10 and 15 years old. So the penis size for a 14 year old can range from prepubertal (About 2 inches) to Adult (6+ inches). At 14 years old it would be normal to have a penis anywhere in that range.

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