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velocity, or velocity vector.

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What is an objects speed and direction?

in terms of speed and direction , in what ways can an object accelerate

Do balanced forces change an objects speed shape or direction?

balanced force change shape of the objects it does not change direction speed

What is the difference of an objects speed and an objects volocity?

when you know both speed and direction of an objects motion you know the velocity of an object.

Velocity is a measure of both an objects speed and its?

Direction. Velocity is a vector measure combining a magnitude (speed) and a direction.

Both speed and acceleration include the direction of an objects motion true or false?

This is not true. Acceleration includes direction, but speed does not. Speed in a particular direction is called velocity.

What is the difference between an objects speed and an objects velocity?

Speed only tells how fast something is going, while velocity tells speed and direction.

What is an objects acceleration?

The rate at which the speed or direction of its motion is changing.

Speed and direction of an objects motion?

the object's velocity vector

What is speed and direction of an objects motion?

velocity can be lineal or rotational

Is velocity an objects speed and direction of motion?

Velocity is an objects speed in a given direction e.g. a runner having run round a circular track of 400m in circumference has 0 velocity.

Which term can describe both the speed and direction of an objects motion?

Velocity describes both the speed and direction an object is moving.

What do you call it when an objects velocity changes?

A change in an objects velocity is called acceleration. Velocity is defined as an objects speed of travel AND its direction of travel. Acceleration can change only an objects speed, only its direction or both. If there is no acceleration acting on the object, then the velocity remains constant.

What is the scientific meaning of the word velocity?

Speed and direction of an objects motion.

What determines an objects velocity?

Speed and direction determine an object's velocity.

How does gravity keep objects in motion?

It doesn't. It will change an objects direction and/or speed but its inertia that keeps it moving.

Does velocity only describes the direction in which an objects moving?

No. Velocity is a vector that describes both the direction in which an object is moving and its speed in that direction.

Two objects with the same velocity must be moving in the same what?

They would be traveling at the same speed. Two objects moving with the same velocity must be moving in the same direction and at the same speed. The reason for this is because velocity is speed in a specified direction. Another way to say that is to say that velocity is speed with a direction vector. It is a physical quantity with magnitude and direction. Two objects moving with the same speed could be moving toward a head-on collision. Or they could be moving along convergent, divergent or skewed paths. Not so with two objects that have identical velocities. They are moving on the same or on parallel courses, and they are moving at the same speed.

Can an objects speed be increased while its accelerating is decreasing?

Yes. As long as acceleration of object is greater than zero in the direction of its movement, the speed in that direction continues to increase.

Acceleration is a change of speed or?

Acceleration is the change in an ogjects speed or a change in an objects direction of motion or both of these. If instead of speed you use the word velocity , which is both an object's speed and its direction of motion, then you could say "acceleration is the change in an objects velocity" and that would cover all the possibilities in one statement.

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